Anupama 4 January 2021: Vanraj’s operation is successful

Baa is blaming Anupama and Kavya. She said, you both are responsible for my son’s this condition. You both are responsible. She said to Anupama, I already taunted you, but Kavya is left now.

Bapuji said, Leela, don’t create a scene in the hospital.

Baa said to Kavya that if my son doesn’t bring you to the wedding, you also came. And you came then also created ruckus. Because of you, my son can’t attend his son’s wedding rituals. Even he can’t give them blessings. Then also you didn’t get satisfied, so you must fight with him after going home. You surely taunted him; that’s why he left angrily, and his car met with an accident.

And now you came saying my V, my V. If you are worried about him, you neither came to dissolve poison in his and family’s life. Your wedding can’t sustain that’s why you decided to spoil others as well. You broke my son’s wedding, created a scene on his son’s wedding, and now what you want to do? Whether you want to kill my son?

Kavya replied, Baa, please! Baa replied, don’t show your please drama here and go away from here. Bapuji said, Leela, what are you doing this? At least remember where we are.

Baa replied, we are there where we must not be. She is responsible because of her; my son is unconscious. She is responsible. Go away before I throw you out. Go away from here.

Kavya replied, Baa, please don’t do this. I will not leave V and go anywhere. Baa said I don’t even want your shadow to be over my son. Kavya replied, Baa, this is not your home that you are telling me to leave from here.

Baa said, this is not my home. That’s why I am asking you to leave. If it is my home, then there will no hairs left on your head. Go away. Go away from here right now.

Kavya replied I would not go anywhere till V is here. Baa said, not you; your ancestors will also leave. I will also see how you will be here. Kavya said Anupama made her understand. I can’t leave V in such a situation. You people can do whatever you want to: fight with me, taunt me, and whatever you want to do. Just after the recovery of V. Please, I will not go anywhere by leaving V here. I will not leave my V… I will not go anywhere by leaving Vanraj here. Please stop her Anupama, please.

Baa said, use your crocodile tears somewhere else. Go away from here right now. Kavya said to Anupama, please, Anupama, stop her, stop her. Baa said, you will not understand like this. Let’s go.

Kavya pleased Anupama, please, Anupama! I want to be here with V. Anupama said to let her be here, Baa.
Baa said to Anupama, an accident happened with my son, but you are out of your mind. You are taking her side. Her! You know who she is, right.

Anupama replied, she is your son’s love. When he came in conscious, then he must want to meet her. Maybe if she will be nearby him, then he will recover speedily. Baa, don’t think anyone’s bad during a bad time.

Bapuji agreed with Anupama and said she is right.

Kavya looked at Vanraj and said, my V; my V. Samar asked Anupama, mummy, how you will allow Kavya to be here. Whatever happened at my brother’s wedding after that. She used to blame you till yesterday and today, begging in front of you. How can anyone change that much in only one day?

Anupama replied you were also angry with your dad till yesterday. And today, you are crying because of his tension. You are also changed in a moment. Sometimes time can’t fill the injury, but conditions can fill.

Kavya went near Vanraj and said I am so sorry, V. I am so sorry. I must not fight with you. V, please forgive me. I promise I will never do it again. I will not give any chance of complaint, V. V; you can do whatever you want to do. I will not say anything, I promise. Please get well soon, V, please! I really love you.

The doctor looked at the report and said, Oh, no.

Samar said on a call with Nandini that we will not find any clarity Nandu. Even scan happens, but we will know anything after coming of the report only.

Anupama is praying from God; meanwhile, Kavya joined and started praying too.

The doctor calls from back Mrs. Shah. Kavya quickly rushed towards them. The doctor said, as per the report, there is an internal injury. Sanjay asked the doctor if there is anything to worry about? The doctor replied, we are thinking of minor surgery, but the operation is a little complicated. And we have to do the operation right now. We need blood for this. What is the blood group of the patient?

Anupama and Kavya both responded O positive. Baa said he is my son. I will give the blood. Bapuji said, but your blood group is different. Doctor, you can take my blood. The doctor replied, I am sorry, but after seeing your age and health, we can’t take your blood. Bapuji replied, no, I am perfectly fine.

Anupama said, Bapuji, you have diabetes. Doctor, you can take my blood; I am O positive. Kavya interrupts, no, no, doctor, you can take my blood. I am also O positive. Anupama, I am younger than you, and I always take care of my health. Doctor, I used to perform my health check up every six months. I am a perfectly healthy doctor.

The doctor replied, fine. Come with me. Baa said to Anupama; it means you will not give blood to my Vanraj. You got this chance to take revenge on my son.

Anupama replied, Baa, I heard your taunts from 25 years. I will listen further 25 years too, but please leave today. No matter who is giving the blood, only life has to be saved. And sorry, Baa, I stopped you. But please don’t become my mother-in-law for today. Just be a mother and do prayer only.

Kavya is donating blood and saying nothing will happen to you, V. You will be fine.

Pakhi is writing on a paper ‘thank you for helping papa’ again and again and crying. Nandini came and said, don’t cry while saying thank you. You know manifestation works only when we believe in what we say or write. Just believe that papa will recover, okay.

The hospital staff is taking Vanraj to the operation theater. Baa said Vanraj open your eyes. She asked the doctor what happened to my son. The doctor replied, please calm down. We can say anything only after the surgery.

Baa asked Vanraj to open his eyes at once. See, everyone is here. Vanraj! Vanraj! Anupama prayed Kanhaji, please do everything right.

The operation theatre lights are on, and everyone is waiting outside. The nurse came outside and asked for more blood. Kavya replied, you said that two-unit blood is enough for the patient. The nurse responded that the patient’s body is reacting negatively on that the blood which you gave. It happens that after being in the same blood group, also blood will not suit the patient. The operation is started, so we need O positive blood urgently.

Anupama said, please take my blood. Take my blood! The nurses said, okay, come with us. He gave a unit of blood to the other nurse and sent her quickly to the operation theatre. He said, we just hope that your blood will suit him. Otherwise, anything can happen.

Sanjay said to Samar, pray to God that sister-in-law’s blood will suit him. But you ask all your friends for the blood. I dropped a message for blood in all my groups. Baa said the hospital people are not saying anything. They are just taking blood over blood. I don’t know what is happening inside.

The nurse came outside. Kavya asked what happened, sister. Sanjay asked whether blood suited him. The nurse responded, yes. Mrs. Shah’s blood suited to the patient. Baa said it’s just the grace of God. She said to Kavya, see Vanraj’s blood also knows who is right for him and who is wrong.

Anupama came there. Bapuji asked her; you are okay. She responded, yes, Bapuji. What happened? Baa asked, you don’t get low? Anupama replied, no, not at all. Sanjay said I would bring juice for your sister-in-law. Bapuji said, thank God your blood suited to Vanraj.

The doctor came out of the operation theatre. Bapuji asked him, how is my son now? Baa asked the operation happened successfully? The doctor replied, don’t worry. He is fine. The surgery is successful. We will bring the patient under observation till tomorrow. Then we will decide that you can take him home or not. And only one person can be here with the patient at night.

Kavya quickly said I would stay. She said, all of you, go home; I will be here. The doctor asked if you from his family because only a family member can stay here. Baa said, you are right, doctor. The family member must stay here. An outsider looks good outside only. My daughter-in-law will stay here. Till today she takes care of Vanraj, and today also she will take care.

The doctor said, fine. Everyone except Mrs. Shah has to leave the hospital. Besides, it’s very late now. Bapuji said, thank you, doctor. He said to Anupama; I know no one can take care of Vanraj better than you. If you don’t want to be here, anyone of Samar and Sanjay will stay.

Anupama replied, no, Bapuji, I will stay here. Samar said, okay, mummy. If there is any problem, then you can call me. Baa, cool-dude, let’s go.

Baa said to Kavya whether there is mehndi on her feet. Can’t you listen to what the doctor said? Only family-members can stay here. Go from here. If you do not leave in 5 minutes, then I will call security to throw you out.
Anupama said to Kavya, if there will be any need, then I will call you. And if you want to talk to him, I have his phone with me.

Samar reached home and saw Nandini in front of him. Nandini asked, you are okay, while Samar hugged her tightly. She said, don’t worry, Samar. Your father will recover completely. He will be fine. Samar replied, I know he will recover. Nandini asked, then why are you crying?

Samar replied, because I am feeling bad. You are becoming shocked, right. I also felt the same because I used to hate him. But when I saw him in such a condition that much vulnerable, I understand that I don’t hate him. You know I tried very much to hate him, but it’s never happened. That father and son relation is very much complicated. A son can be angry with his father but can’t hate him.

He continued I am angry with him, very much angry. But when I saw him like that, I don’t have anger but pity for him. What he was and what he becomes. He had everything best wife, best parents, best family, and today he don’t have anything. And when I saw his car’s condition, then it was difficult for me. I thought for a moment that we missed him. Think if I am in such condition, then what was happened to my mother.

Mummy’s entire life revolved around him. I know she dropped the right of being a wife, but she must have pain. After all, mummy loved that person for 25 years. She is still there. Baa quickly told her to stay there. But she never thought how tough it was for mummy to be there.

Mummy is taking care of the person who ditched her. The person who kills her alive, mummy, is praying for him. I know it’s very much painful for mummy. But then also she will do it because she is a mother.

Kavya said to Anupama; you are here for taking care of Vanraj. You show him your sympathy, not your right. Anupama replied, the right is only yours, Kavya, but the pain is everyone’s. Kavya said pain might be of everyone, but Vanraj is the only mine. Anupama replied, I never forget that, but then also I will always remember.

Precap: Kavya saw Anupama feed soup to Vanraj. She said I am taking Vanraj home. Baa said what you said. My son will come with me. Kavya replied, now your son stay with me so that he will go home with me. Vanraj said I would go to my home back near my family.