Anupama 2 January 2021: Vanraj Met With An Accident

The episode starts with the accident. People around there are talking that listen! Looks like… It’s a terrible accident. I don’t think he will survive. Another one said, oh, well. The second one asked what happened. Then the people around the car said that car has met with an accident. What did it happen? What happens? Call the police quickly. I have called the police. They will be here anytime. Can we break the glass and save him?
Wait for the police…

Anupama is coming on the bike and praying, Lord, please protect him!

Dolly on the call said, yes, Sanjay. Tell me. Baa said I felt it when he left from here. That something would go wrong. My son does so much for everyone. But still, people give him an earful. If something happens to my son, I will not forgive anyone.

Bapuji replied; say good things, Leela, say good things. May God keep our Vanraj safe!

Police reached the accident location and tried to bring Vanraj out of the car by breaking the car’s front glass.
Anupama and Samar reached the accident location. She is slowly going towards the car and saw police to bring Vanraj out of the car. Samar and Sanjay also reached there.

Meanwhile, the policeman said he is still breathing. Anupama got a little relaxed after hearing this. One man came and said, you are from his family. I picked the call. Please have it. Vanraj’s phone ringing, Kavya is calling him.

On the other side, Kavya thought, why are you so angry? You aren’t even answering my call. Oh, God! Where shall I go? Where shall I look for V? What should I do? After such a big fight, he wouldn’t have gone to Anupama. But he might go too. After fighting with me, if he doesn’t go there, where else will he go?

The Ambulance came to the accident location, and everyone brings Vanraj to the Ambulance. Doctors said to them that only one of you could come. Samar said I would go. Sanjay replied, no, Samar. We will have to do legal formalities there. You bring mom on the bike. I will go. Meanwhile, Anupama sat on the Ambulance.

The policeman asked Anupama, who are you? Samar said he is my dad, and she is my mother. The policeman said, okay. Come on, take him.

In the house, Pakhi was crying and said, Papa! Baa replied, don’t cry, dear. Everything will be alright. All this is Kavya’s fault. Her inauspicious steps entered this house, and… I curse her. And whom a mother curses will never be happy in life.

Bapuji said, Leela, it’s not the time to curse someone. It’s time to pray for our son. Dolly said, mummy, brother is being taken to the hospital. Baa asked if he hurt a lot? Dolly replied, we don’t know anything now. The Doctor will check him up and then will know the status. But they were saying that a massive accident takes place.

Baa cried O’ God! Save my son. I want to go to him. Take me to him right now. Pakhi said, yes, I too want to go to dad, please. Dolly replied, they will reach there and call me. Then we will know what the brother’s condition is. I don’t think anyone of us should go to the hospital before that.

Bapuji agrees with Dolly. Anupama, Sanjay, and Samar, along with doctors, bring Vanraj to hospital. Anupama asked Sanjay, did you inform at home, Sanjay brother. Sanjay replied, yes. Anupama asked did you bring the bank’s card, Samar. Samar replied, no, mom.

Sanjay said, you don’t worry, sister-in-law. I have the money. Anupama asked, okay. What if we fall short? Sanjay replied, everything will happen, and everything will be fine too. Anupama said we have to fill the form outside. I will go and fill… Sanjay replied, I will do all that. You just control yourself. Anupama agrees.

Samar looked at Vanraj from the window where doctors are bringing glass pieces from his face. One person came and said, be brave, dear. Everything will be fine. Boys don’t cry. Samar replied, boys too cry, uncle. When they see their parents in pain, boys too cry.

Anupama also looked at Vanraj; meanwhile, his phone rang. She saw Kavya’s name on the phone’s screen. Anupama picked Kavya’s video call, and she’s being shocked to see Anupama. Kavya remembers the time when Anupama slapped her.

Anupama said he is not with me. But I am with him ‘in the hospital.’ Kavya becomes shocked and said, what! Anupama turned around the phone and showed Vanraj to Kavya. She said, God! Oh, God! What happened? V, what happened?

Anupama replied he met with an accident. Kavya cried, oh, my God! Anupama cuts the call.

Kavya cried hard, saying Oh my God, again and again. No, what have I done? What have I done? Oh, my God! V is in this condition because of me. Why did I fight with V? Why did I fight with V?

Anupama asked Doctor if he okay? The Doctor said, listen! Luckily there are no internal injuries. We have dressed all the external injuries. Then also, for safety, we will have to do his full-body scanning once. If we look at the severity of the accident, the injuries are very few. Your prayers have saved him. Yes, but there is an issue. There is a slight injury on his right shoulder. We will have to perform minor surgery on that so that there are no complications in the future.

Anupama is afraid and asked sir, surgery! The Doctor replied, relax! It’s a minor surgery. In fact, you should be happy that he has returned from the mouth of death.

Anupama remembers when she said go if you want to go. As such, you have already left home because of her. Anupama cried hard. Vanraj’s words that I am Paritosh’s dad! And in the wedding rituals, I have a right to be a part. She alone performed wedding rituals, and Vanraj went angrily from there.

Samar came and hugged Anupama from the back and said, thank God. Dad… Mr. Shah is fine. Anupama said, when he can’t hear you, you can call him dad.

Kavya said, don’t worry, V. I am coming to you.

Baa and Bapuji reached the hospital. Bapuji and Baa said Vanraj! Where is he? Where is Vanraj? Anupama showed them Vanraj. They become shocked, and Bapuji cried. Sanjay said, father-in-law. There is nothing to worry about. Vanraj is out of danger now.

Bapuji said May God not let any parents see such a day. Baa asked, is Vanraj fine? Anupama replied, yes, Baa! You sit here. By the grace of God and your blessings, he didn’t have many injuries, Baa. Sanjay said the car is completely damaged. Thankfully, Vanraj is safe. It’s good that he renewed the car’s insurance last week.

Anupama said to Baa, Doctor has said that there is nothing to worry about. There is no internal injury. Baa replied, and what about the heart’s injury which you have given him. All this happened is because of you. If you wanted, you could have controlled the situation. But you stretched it that much that my son can’t attend the wedding rituals. Just think what he would felt. He must be so troubled and sad. That he didn’t pay attention while driving. Only you are responsible for whatever has happened and Vanraj’s condition.

And not only you but your co-wife too. She doesn’t come here… and Baa stopped saying, turned around, and saw Kavya standing there. Everyone is shocked after seeing Kavya.

Kavya ran towards Anupama and hugged her. She cried and asked how my V is? Where is he? Is he fine? How that accident takes place? Is he fine, Anupama? Please answer. Anupama replied he is okay.

Kavya said, really! Thank God, my V is fine. Anupama showed Vanraj to Kavya. She said, thank God, my V is fine.

Baa shouts at Kavya, how dare you come here? Anupama said Baa. Calm down. We are in a hospital. Baa said, and what are you saying, my V, my V? Whether you bring him on your dowry that he is yours? You can’t even take his full name and want to be with him forever.

Anupama said, Baa, why are you saying all this now? Baa replied, because I am his mother, whose life you both made miserably. You both are responsible for my son’s present situation.

Precap: Kavya said I would not leave Vanraj and go anywhere. Baa replied, not only you, but your ancestors will also go. Go from here. Kavya said Anupama, please. I want to be with V, please. Baa drags her away. Vanraj’s condition worsens, and the Doctor rushes him to the operation theater. Anupama will pray, Lord Kanha, make everything okay.