Kaagaz: All you need to know

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a man is declared dead when he is alive? What will be the situation of that man, and how will he prove he is alive when he is termed ‘dead’? It is the worst nightmare one could ever have in his or her life. What is this nightmare is real? 

‘Kagaaz’ is a film that portrays a similar concept. It is a biographical film that revolves around a real-life incident and struggles to remove the ‘death’ tag from his life. Kaagaz is a Zee5 film and is directed by Satish Kaushik. The film is set up in a village and would reveal the extent to which a farmer can go for the sake of his family and his survival on earth.

What will be the release date?

The movie’s official release date is very near. It would have released earlier, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the release and its shoot got delayed. According to the press release and official trailer of Kaagaz, the film will finally release on 7th January 2021.

Since the web series are in such massive demand due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the film will be available on the Zee5 official website. This is an original Zee5 film, so it will just be released on the site for now. 

Which actors will we see in the film?

After watching the trailer, it was pretty obvious that Pankaj Tripathi will be a part of the film ‘Kaagaz.” Since the movie is not available yet for the viewers, the entire cast list is not available. The list will be updated here once the movie is available for the viewers on Zee5. 

 For now, we are sure only about the lead actors of the film according to the official press releases, statements, and trailer of the film. 

The following actors will be seen in the lead role:

1. Pankaj Tripathi

2. Monal Gujjar

3. Amar Upadhyay

4. Sandeepa Dhar

Pankaj Tripathi will be seen in the leading role as he had impressed a lot of the audience with his past film and web series performances. He will play the character of the farmer ‘Lal Bihari’ in the movie. All the viewers are eagerly waiting to see Pankaj as Lal Bihari. 

The expected plot of the movie:

From the film trailer, it is predictable that the plot will feature the story of a farmer in a village who was declared dead by the Government of India. He approached several people to help him remove the tag, but all only wasted his time by keeping him busy with different formalities and procedures. 

Most of the villagers termed Lal Bihari a ‘ghost.’ They used to mock him for living like a dead soul in the village. He even added the word ‘dead’ after his name so that it grabbed everyone’s attention, and he would get back his ‘alive’ status. There were several protests held seeking justice for him, but all in vain. 

“You will listen to a paper or a human being who is actually alive?”

This is one of the most famous dialogues of the film. The farmer will get justice by the end of the film, most likely, but he would have to undergo many hardships to ‘be alive’ again. The movie would portray the challenges that a farmer has to undergo for the sake of his livelihood and family. It would be exciting to watch how Pankaj Tripathi would play his role in the film ‘Kagaaz.’