‘Ghost Lab’ Review: It will make a great weekend watch for someone who is looking for a sensation

‘Ghost Lab’ is the latest release of Netflix, comes from the writer and director Thailand Paween Purijitp. Thriller horror managed to become a significant competitor for the night of your next weekend film – because it became entertaining, surprising, and emotional everything. While this film is cooked in the graphic scene, sometimes, ‘ghost lab‘ is quite suitable for all audiences.

Is it a ghost there?

Vanity ‘ghost lab’ is quite simple and easy. Two doctors, Wee and Arjong, who have a shared common experience where they witnessed the spirit of ghosts before them.

When professionals trained in science, they decided to prove logically that ghosts existed. To do this, they conduct some interviews, experience sharing, and some tests to connect with the hereafter hopefully.

Something interesting in ‘Ghost Lab‘ is that he tried to explain. That the ghosts in a deep and explorative way. Throughout the film, we can witness Wee and Arjong build knowledge and the Bible for various types of ghosts they believe there.

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For example, some are physical, while others only manifest in energy and temperature fluctuations. At the same time, they ask philosophical questions about the existence of ghosts and why they want or will not return to earth.

Why can some ghosts show themselves while others can’t? What gives ghosts to manifest in the first place – is it revenge, the need for the closure? Do ghosts does even want to be found.

Or just care more about moving peacefully to your next life? This dedication is to expand the definition that is quite simple about what “ghosts” must determine ‘ghost labs regardless of other films. Yes, trying to be thrilling and entertaining for 2 hours, but also trying to choose your brain.

It does seems to be of a similar kind of trend in the Asian international film:

‘Ghost Lab’ itself comes from Thai talent. Like Korean film ‘train to Busan’ raised the zombie war genre, ‘Ghost Lab’ efforts to do the same thing with paranormal activities and horror genres. And like ‘train to Busan,’ besides doing it in intellectual, philosophical ways.

Ghost labs‘ also experimenting with how ghost gazes. Sometimes, they love and entertain. But next time, they are strange and inhuman.

Either way, the uniqueness of the film comes from the fact that it is not from classical Hollywood creators but talent across the sea. If you are looking for a movie trying to stretch the limit, ‘Ghost Lab’ is a project to check out.

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‘Ghost Lab’ – Dynamic Duo Leading Experiments

In the center of ‘ghost lab‘ is protagonist Dr. Wee (Thanapob Leerratanakachorn) and Dr. Arjong (Paris Intarakomalyasut), two best friends and surgeons at Thai hospitals. There, they interact with people dead almost every day while going about their everyday tasks.

But also where Wee’s mother was in a coma on a hospital bed for almost eight years. For both of them, whether it is for long working hours or personal connections, hospitals are home. And because of that, they also function as a kind of family found for others.

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On the surface, Arjong and Wee are only great colleagues. As often inspected by the best friends, their playful relationships make them both quite favored – forming the basis for entertainment in the ‘ghost lab.’ However, ideologically, they cannot be more different.

To include it in context, they are like a contemporary version of Mulder and Scully from ‘File X.’ Arjong strongly believed in the ghost, after the incident of Mani as a child where he saw his father’s ghost, while Wee was a practical, not -believer.

However, they ultimately brought together to investigate the existence of paranormal activities after finally having a shared ghost experience.

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Even stay – interesting to see how they approached the task differently:

With Arjong close to more spiritual and wee analytically. No matter the method, they both finally became very obsessive in proving the existence of ghosts, even placing their own lives at risk. As collaborators, they must balance the desire to succeed in their mental health and friendship efforts.

Overall, the ‘Ghost Lab‘ develops in this relationship, which is fun on the surface but eventually has a more profound emotional layer. Friendship Wee and Arjong were tested throughout the film. As they wrestle with loss, death, and fear will be outside. At the end of the film, a satisfying relationship, like this boy, has grown into something substantial and tied.