“Ellam Sheriyakum” Review: It is a family drama with a political background, says director Jibu Jacob

In Malayalam, “Ellam Sheriyakum” means “everything will be fine”.

Director Jibu Jacob is pleased with the suitability of his new film’s title in a post-pandemic world. With Asif Ali and Rajisha Vijayan, the film hits the big screen on Friday (19 November). “I’ve been waiting for cinemas to open again. But I fear that the decision will cause financial loss for my producers. Now my hope is Ellam Sheriyakum,” Jibu said, referring to the upbeat mood in the industry after cinemas reopened.

He is happy that he has brought audiences back to the cinema with Dulquer Salmaan Kurup. “Our films are not star films. But there is trust throughout the team, as Kurup has received an overwhelming response. We hope the mood will last when our film comes out,” he said.

“The story is about the personal lives of politicians. The incidents that happen in their families. And how this affects their political careers and image. Both right and left party cadres are represented in the state,” said Jibu, director of Vellimoonga, Munthirivallikal Thalirkkumbol and Aadyarathri.

Asif plays Comrade Vinet, the leader of the party’s youth wing.

Against his will, he marries Anne (Rajisha), the daughter of VK Chacko (Siddique), a prominent leader of a rival party. Vanity and Annecy are like chalk and cheese. Annecy, who is open and persistent, has the upper hand over Vineeth, who is always low on self-esteem. Her nature ends up creating problems in their relationship. Annecy gets angry when Weinite makes more time for her. The party activities went on just like he did. In the end, pregnant Annecy is torn between her love for her father and her husband,” Jibu said. Adding that all the characters have their political views. Be it Annecy or Asif’s parents, which ultimately marks the beginning of several conflicts.

Jibu, a filmmaker-turned-director, mentioned that. Although Elam Sheriakum Vellimoonga’s first hit film (2014) also dealt with politics, it fell into a different genre. “Velimunga is for a street politician named Mamachan. The character in Ellam Sheriyakum will remind viewers of certain real-world politicians and political events in the state. Sidick’s character is actually a mix of our two leaders. But I’m not taking sides. I’m stuck believing that all countries have good and bad and we don’t hesitate to say it,” he added.

The film, written and written by Sharis Mohammed, is set in downtown Travancore and parts of Kannur.

For the Asif-Rajisha combo, he believes they are the best couple in Malayalam cinema right now. “They did it as a couple in their first film [Anuraga Karikkin Vellam]. I really enjoyed working with them. It’s so easy to work with two great actors who seem to be competing in their talents,” said Jibu.

Also in the cast are Johnny Anthony, Sudhir Karamana, Sridjit Ravi, Kottayam Ramesh, Suresh Kumar, Tulasi Mani (who played in Sankarabharanam) Niraja Rajendran. “This is the 200th project of the Usepachan film composer, who also played an important role. I am honored to have him on board. He’s the oldest member of our crew, but nothing can match his energy,” Jibu said. Thomas Thiruvala directed the film, and Dr Paul Vargese produced it.

There are some cute details like how the priest and the mute tailor, believed to be Chako’s assistant, chose. And the emotional scene with a young poet student (Balu Varghese) plays out accurately without being overly dramatic.

The acting is excellent, especially Sidick as Chaco. Asif Ali has shown that he knows how to take on a mature role. And is doing an excellent job here again. Rajisha had a significant but small role and played it well. The younger characters, whether Johnny Anthony or Calabhavan Shajon, played well. Ouseppachan’s melody, which also makes a stunning cameo, is sure to become famous.

Ellam Sheriyakum‘s success is that he doesn’t support the ideology. But he doesn’t reflect the problems of both sides and isn’t conscientious about it. This is a film that the whole family can enjoy; This is a great story and it will give you really something to discuss out and think about. She also provides a brief overview of other topics, such as women in politics and careers.