“Christmas Flow” Review: Formulated and predictable, but still with a lot of heart

The time of year comes when all the traditional streaming services and TV shows fill their lists with holiday-themed content. It’s only November, but the Christmas spirit permeates at least two months before and one month after. The demand for this content is enormous, even if we don’t realize it.

Over 100 new Christmas themed will release productions between this month and next, and Netflix. The most popular audience of all time, will be releasing a number of its productions. Christmas Flow is one of those editions. Does it take anything to make a great Christmas watch? Or is it better to watch “Love, really” again?

Christmas Flow is a Netflix Christmas miniseries created by Henri Deberm, Marian Levy, and Victor Rodenbach.

Tayc, Marion Seclin, Shirine Boutella and Aloïse Sauvage star in the series. The series does tells us about the story of Marcus, a famous rapper who gained public attention for his frank and s*xist lyrics, and The Simones. A group of feminist activists consisting of Lila, Alice and Jeanne. Their lives and all the philosophies that will clash, and an unexpected romance will develop.

Christmas Stream is a very classic Christmas movie in every way, which has also become a top-rated romantic comedy. All plot points from both genres are present throughout the show. There are three episodes, each lasting about 50 minutes. They actually depict the classic story of two strangers who initially hate each other.

But as they learning actually much more about each other. They realize that this other person is their partner. We’ve seen this structure play out thousands of times. And this series doesn’t do anything new, add bold moves or progression. The series here sticks to the formula because it does works.

That’s the thing about Christmas Stream. At the same time, the plot is made as general as possible. The romantic comedy formula still exists, and that in the end gives the show. At least some charm for anyone looking for that kind of content.

What makes the show truly enjoyable is the cast. The actors are a team of good people and bring a lot of things with them. Tyke and Butela are undoubtedly the main characters, and for romantic roles, they have great chemistry. It’s easy to believe that they’re in love, and that’s the only way the live show’s central premise is fulfilled.

The rest of the cast doesn’t really seem to have much work to do in terms of depth.

The characters, including the main character, are very shallow, but the actors are full of charisma. A special tribute to Marion Seklin as Alice, who presents herself as the coolest and warmest friend you can have. Sauvage also does a really great job, but her role is underrated compared to the two central girls.

As for production value, this series looks and feels very cheap. Again, the only thing that pushed it was the actors. Some kits look very bare and cheap, while others look very original. They told us that the show didn’t have the time or money to create a world. Where Marcus was a famous rapper, but we never saw it.

Even though the show looks cheesy, seeing the more urban side of Paris is pretty cool for an international audience. We are often pampered with the more tourist-friendly scenic spots in the city. And never allowed to explore the city’s more authentic, rougher side. That’s why the show is such a highly appreciated visual offering.

The show also introduces many socially conscious topics:

First of all, feminism in history. The intentions are good, but the subject has never been fully explored, only mentioned. The only interesting aspect of this topic becomes apparent. When the series shows that feminism. While valuable, can sometimes go wrong and be used as a tool to hurt others.

However, it can also be used as a tool to get people to buy something. Rather than being inspired to change things that matter. It’s interesting even if the show doesn’t spend time on it.

Overall, Christmas Flow may not be the best romantic comedy out there. Maybe not even the best on Netflix. But if you can find yourself running out of stuff and craving a hot and fuzzy love story. Then this is quite a show that is for you, in short. The perfect Christmas party.