“Dive Club” Review: A Aussie teen showed about a group of friends diving, and why one of them disappeared

A teenage girl with blonde hair takes a selfie video on a small boat. “Welcome back to The Diving Roe, which comes to you from our little paradise, Cape Mercy.”

Cape Mercy Dive Club girls Maddie (Mia Madden), Anna (Aubrey Ibrag), Stevie (Sana Shayk) and Lauren (Georgia-May Davis), the blonde teenager who leads the video, film one of her dives. The girls find artefacts from the Victoria shipwreck through the beautiful coral reefs below the bay.

The moment they docked their boat:

The Indy – a typhoon started hitting, which was terrible. As the clouds darkened, lightning struck, and the wind picked up. Lauren said she had forgotten her cell phone in India. Maddie seems to worry about Lauren’s safety as the girls ride their bikes to race at home. We see Lauren pick up the phone, then suddenly scream, and Maddie wakes up. There was a “Lost Man” poster with Lauren’s picture on her bed.

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It’s been 3 days since Typhoon hit Mercy’s nose hard. Lauren is still missing, and so is Indy. Lauren’s father, Police Chief Jack Rose (Jay Cutler), tells Maddie they control. But Maddie thinks they’re not looking in the right place, and the other two club members agree. Why did Lauren pull Indy out in the middle of a storm? As soon as she pulled her ashore in preparation? You are determined to find the boat, and when the mast is lowered. It will prove that Lauren did not go alone.

Anna and her mother, Mayor Rene Volkov (Veronica Neve), congratulate civil engineer Jack Martin (Tim Ross) and his daughter Izzy (Mercy Cornwall). to help the city get back on its feet. Anna takes Izzy around town, and the other dive clubs introduce her to their plan to find Lauren. When Izzy tells them, he saw a boat that capsized when a helicopter came into town. The four of them steal the boat and head out to watch in the shark-infested waters.

Two of them does dive in and find a box of medical supplies, but nothing more.

Meanwhile, ex-boyfriend Stevie Hayden (Alexander Grant) returns to town after three months in prison for ship theft and wrecking. He was determined to bring Stevie back, but he knew it would be difficult. He is shocked when his friend Henry (Josh Houston) tells him that Lauren is missing.

Dive Club, which is created by Steve Jaggi, is a beautiful show. That families can watch together without talking to the kids they want to see. It works well and is generally well written; In fact, the first episode’s plot is better than many TV shows. We’ve seen recently that rely on s*x, language, and bloody words to sell it. We’ll be watching more DiveClub episodes than S*x/Life, for example.

But it also really depends on the beautiful scenery in Port Douglas, Queensland, where the Australian production is filmed. There are expansive and beautiful views above and below the water’s surface that last long. While this allowed Jackie and his writers to push a bit more plot and character. The development into each 30-minute episode. The episodes were also a bit drawn out.

Also, the show is very, very white. Aside from Mia Madden playing Maddie:

The show’s cast is more or less a collection of boring stereotypes. From other marine teen shows like Outer Banks or even Dawson’s Creek. We appreciate that Jaggie creates a mystery that will intrigue anyone watching. But it would be nice if he made the town of Cape Mercy a little more varied.

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So a “good” show may end up missing. As the story progresses and we learn more about Lauren and the rest of her friends. She looks like a variety of typical teenage characters. Though those who do the acting are decent. In other words you may really need to give the show more episodes to interest you.

As I said, Dive Club is a great show that the whole family can see. It’s just not very interesting. But we hope the show improves as the mystery develops.