“Afterlife of the Party” Review: A Bit of Comedy Fluff That Kills Victoria Justice to Teach Her Life Lessons

We’re sitting here just waiting for Victoria Justice to die. So I’m going to release the tension and tell you she got drunk and tripped and banged her head in the shower, and that’s it.

It may not be as glamorous a death as Cassie imagined. Because she was a glam slam party girl. Who worked as a party organizer and was always WOOOOOO like everyone who goes to parties. It’s his 25th birthday, and he’s going, WOOOOOO, taking pictures with his brilliant friends.

As he stands upstairs at the bar, a scene alienates his roommate and first-year classmate Lisa (Francis):

Who is a rather reserved and reserved man. I mean, Lisa works in a museum, cleaning dinosaur bones. And she’d rather sit and play puzzles with her boyfriend than blow herself up and go WOW.

Wild scenes with partial Ayyyyy accelerate the argument between them. And they part on harsh terms, after which Cassie returns to her apartment, which resembles a series and dies. WOOOOOO AT THIS TIME. WOOOOOO.

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But what happened after Cassie wasn’t just a void devoid of memories and feelings. Of course not! What movie do you think it is? He wakes up to meet his guardian angel Val (Robin Scott).

Who explains the film’s sublime concept: It’s a place in between, a place for crooked people with unfinished business which probably means that everyone who’s ever lived is there. . , Well? The movie doesn’t care about THAT, so it’s all about Cassie’s secret. Val points out how he died, and Cassie’s answer is, “Did it go viral?”

Sure LOL goes, but this girl needs to sort out her priorities. Val gives him a list of people he needs to lock up, a concept I believe is almost a myth, but let’s be soldiers anyway. Of course, there were Lisa and Cassie’s father, whom she took for granted, and their long-separated mother, who has left the family when Cassie was a child. He has five “days on earth” to make things right. Otherwise, he will burn in hellfire forever, or at least this is my interpretation of the consequences of this plot.

Easier said than done because Cassie is a ghost, and no one can see or hear her:

Which allows her to spy on anyone while talking to herself in long monologues like an ordinary person. Who isn’t in the movies all the time. Just one day, he hung Lisa in her sleep and sang a melody.

That she embodied in the plane of death and provoked the following conversation. “You are not here – you are dead!” “Yeah, it sucks”. Perhaps it was worth mentioning that the year that had not died was the year since he had eaten it.

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As time goes on, in an endless and uncertain future. Cassie gets to work: she will help Lisa connect with her British neighbour (Timothy Renuf). And inspire her to seek the promotion they want at work. Then Cassie will shake her father out of the fear his father experienced.

After his death, and we hope to revive his interest in yoga. And then he would do something with his mother, whatever it was, but it had to be something. Does it seem like this will require more than just a workaround to take advantage of? Yes, no, maybe, but IT WILL still cry.

Okay, so Cassie is dead, now what?

Life after the party is refined if one ignores his over-idealistic claims. That graduation is achievable and that life isn’t a series of loose ends. That we all have to learn to live together – and die together.

But apart from the course on TV-PG Fluorescent Films. Which is aimed at young audiences who want to see former Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice play a mischievous character. Who says funny things? She’s not interested in the depths of exploring existential light and darkness.

No, Cassie will be a bubble for centuries. Although she must admit that the film allows her to go. A few microns deeper at the end of the film than at the beginning. Some progress is better than no progress.

I admit that Justice and Francis have a specific chemical charisma and charm. Although this film seems keen on using minimal skills. Only a fool would light this up and expect a profoundly touching story. Where an empty mortal undertakes a soul restoration project. A transformed man emerges, completely transformed and ready for all that the kingdom has come to him.

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No, the real purpose of this film is to provoke a little laugh. And typical lard before venturing into Lacrimos. But know that for the best, he lets out a tear or two with a gun. Not one Drip with an ugly face. It’s not a scream. It’s a stupid comedy, just frequent and not wholly meaningless. So no surprises here, nothing, nada, all expectations fulfilled and cliches fulfilled, carry on, carry on.