“Cobra Kai Season 4” Review: Where Daniel and Johnny now have a common enemy and it’s not just Chris

Eagle Fang and Miyagi-Do mix like oil and water like Johnny and Daniel. Johnny was the first about being aggressive and flashy; Daniel is available in defence.

Conflicting styles confuse students, but time is wasted while the senses argue. The 51st All Valley Tournament is just around the corner, and according to the bet. The two of them made with Kreese, Eagle Fang and Miyagi-Do should relax if Cobra Kai wins. If Cobra loses Kai, Chris will be gone forever.

But the Kreese has definately some few tricks up his sleeve to increase Cobra Kai’s chances.

He still has Tori (Peyton Liszt), who is still angry at Samantha La Rousseau (Mary Mauser), who stole Miguel Diaz (Xolo Maridouena). He also plans to bring Johnny’s son, Robbie Keane (Tanner Buchanan), into the family. Robbie is estranged from Johnny and wants nothing more than revenge, but he doesn’t fully join the Kreese sale.

Chris also believes he needs to reach out to an old friend to defeat his united foes. He visits his old Army friend and Cobra Kai co-founder, the now super-rich Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) and believes he’s got over it all.

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This BS karate match. Chris believes that Terry’s karate runs in his blood and that this wealthy and gentleman. Who eats tofu is not his real girlfriend. Despite what happened in Vietnam, he believes Terry is trapped and tries to get his old friend out of there.

Meanwhile, Johnny and Daniel try to find a compromise. Especially since each of their star students. Miguel and Sam – has the patience to learn other dojo methods.

Johnny wants to meet Miguel’s mother, Carmen (Vanessa Rubio). Demitri (Gianni DeChenzo) tries to convince Eli (Jacob Bertrand) that he belongs to Eagle Fang again. Even after participating in Cobra Kai’s invasion of LaRusso’s house. And Amanda (Courtney Hengeler), still angry that Tori and Cobra Kai broke into their house and injured their daughter Sam. Who wants to make sure Tori doesn’t touch Sam again.

At this point in the broadcast:

It felt like Cobra Kai hosts John Herwitz, Josh Heald, and Hayden Schlossberg trying to find different combinations of sensei and students to face each other. And it also does feels like with the return of Terry Silver. Who has brainwashed the Daniel into joining Cobra Kai in Karate Kid III. They dig deep into the Karate Kid canon in search of new foes.

That might sound like a complaint, but it’s not because everything worked out this season. More on that in a minute – but we give them credit for trying to continue the story in a slightly different way than we did before.

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Saw the first three seasons. There are some recurring aspects like Johnny and Daniel’s repeated argument about striking the defence first. And that their alliance seems to go through many phases of inclusion and exclusion. Still, the story is less for them and more for everyone else.

Terry’s return isn’t a wrong move, but it’s a character, not all KK fans will remember. As she and Chris have an inevitable separation in philosophy, it becomes unclear why she is there. Is he there to get inside Daniel’s head, or is he there to take revenge on Kreese?

As for the kids, the acting works even better, even though the actor looks a bit old to play a high school kid. The creators also knew this, which is why they left the main plot to Anthony La Rousseau (Griffin Santopietro) and new high school classmate Kenny (Dallas Young), who turned to Robbie as a mentor. It’s one way to introduce a “next generation” aspect to the show, but it also features scenes of brutal abuse that are hard to see.

But these are the criticisms that are just our way of saying that this is the first of four shows on the show:

It missed some of the big turns that needed. There are still funny and heartwarming moments, and Zabka is still apparent, as is Johnny, who always stands behind the eighth, not knowing how to act as a person in 2022, but still has that fighting spirit inside of him.

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And there’s still a lot of fighting going on, but most of it will be left to the younger ones this season. The story applies less to Johnny and Daniel than the rest of the cast, so that’s great for us.

As always, Cobra Kai is a fun ride and one of the funniest shows on TV. But there are signs that the makers are catching up, even if most of the season is underway.