“Station Eleven” Review: Where a small group tries to rebuild society after a deadly virus

Giovanne Chaudhary (Himesh Patel) joins the King Lear audience. When she finds the show’s star Arthur Leander (Gael Garcia Bernal) in trouble. He was the only one who stormed on stage when Arthur passed out; He wasn’t a doctor and didn’t know what to do, but soon a crew member set up a defibrillator.

Unfortunately, it was too late; Arthur died right on stage.

After the theatre is cleaned up, Givan finds a little girl from a stand-alone production. Eight-year-old Kirsten (Matilda Lawler) is waiting for her argument, but it doesn’t look like it’s coming. So Jovan decided to accompany him to his parents’ house. Looking back, we see little Kirsten hanging out with Arthur. While we see him talking to a woman named Miranda Carroll (Daniel Deadweiler). While watching a graphic novel called Station, he looked at the elves. “This is the person who ruined my life,” he told Kirsten.

El Jivan receives a call from his sister (Tia Sirkar), an ambulance doctor. She tells him that the entire city of Chicago is being “harassed” by the circulating virus. They don’t know how to treat it, it kills people fast, and hospitals are overcrowded. She asks him to go to his brother Frank’s (Nabhaan Rizwan) apartment and barricade himself inside. He tried to take Kirsten back to his parent’s house, but no one answered. So he took her to Frank’s skyscraper. But not before she bought about $9,000 worth of groceries. She gives him the option of going with him, and he leaves. But she calls him and realizes that he trusts her.

While Frank, Kirsten, and Givan are locked in Frank’s apartment. Frank doesn’t know what’s going on since he’s working on the story. They begin to see the effects of this fast-moving virus. Including planes crashing into the sky and crashing into nearby buildings. Nearly 3 months later, Kirsten and Given leave the apartment. There was no electricity, and the town seemed more or less deserted.

Of course, just because we don’t think the show is that bad:

Just its post-apocalyptic counterparts don’t mean that Station Eleven didn’t start in a particularly dreary way. Lastly, most of the first episode focused on the timeline where the virus killed a large part of society. The scenes of people coughing in crowded emergency rooms made us very uneasy in the era of COVID.

The first episode is slow and spends most of the time building the Kirsten/Remembering relationship. If you’re unfamiliar with the novels or don’t know what the series is all about. It can be a pretty dull look. Yes, you’ll see lightning strikes in various places in the future. By showing you overgrown with grass-like no one has been there in years. But you’re also not sure where all of this will lead once the virus spreads to Humanity.

There are stories of people we still don’t know much about at the end of the first episode. Namely, Miranda and a guy named Clark (David Wilmont) are going to Ireland for a funeral. And his friend just said he’s staying at home. So by the time you get to the end of the episode. You may only have a little more knowledge of the story than you did when you started. That’s how Patrick Somerville, who adapted the television novel, wanted it to be. But the story’s grim form made it that much harder to decide whether to click “Next Episode” at the end.

With that in mind, however, we love the relationship that develops:

Between Jovan and Kirsten, because he’s a complete asshole, and he seems more mature than the two of them. Even in the context of this horrific pandemic burning through the human population. We see that Joven is a nice guy who wants to help, and he somehow manages to keep his mind and sense of humour intact after his sister gave him a crush. Given viral news.

Suppose we skip the timeline, from before the virus to immediately after, to years later when Kirsten (Mackenzie Davis) joins a group of survivors. In that case, some gloom will fade and some hope. Or at least a hint of Humanity – is filtered into. A lot more than we get from other shows in the apocalyptic genre, which is an excellent reason to look further.

If you gave up after the first episode of Station Eleven just thinking that the show would be another sad series from the end of the world, check out the upcoming attractions for the season at the end of the episode. This will put the first episode in a new, more hopeful light and make the relationship more meaningful.