Choti Sardarni 4th January 2021 Episode: Meher vows to reveal Tarkash’s evil side

The arguments between Sarabjeet and Meher seemed endless after they defended the persons whom they believed. On the one hand, Meher was supporting Aarti and knew that she was in trouble. On the other hand, Sarabjeet was clear with his opinion about Tarkash and kept his ears closed for Meher’s allegations against Tarkash.

Meher decided to end the torture that Aarti and her daughter have been facing for so many years and expose Tarkash’s real face before Sarabjeet. Before leaving, she reminded Tarkash of attending the party at their home tonight and ordered her to get Aarti and Ritu along as she won’t organize the party.

In Kulwant’s house, Yuvi stole money but was caught by Amrita. She shouted at him for doing such a bad thing, but Yuvi said that the person who is a thief has no right to accuse him. Amrita’s husband entered and was about to slap Yuvi, but Kulwant stopped him.

“Don’t you dare slap my son. He didn’t say anything wrong. You have no idea what all had been happening here in your absence,” warned Kulwant.

Kulwant told him that Amrita stole jewelry from her locker and handed them to her brother. Amrita admitted it and said it was the jewelry that was gifted by her mother.

At the Gill Mansion, Sarabjeet’s temper was still high over the arguments he had with Meher. He even shouted at Param. Meher sent Param outside and discussed with Sarabjeet what she saw at Tarkash’s house.

“You got any proof against him?” asked Sarabjeet.

Meher shouted, “Where there is trust there is no need to get any proof. I know he is an animal and was lying.”

When Sarab asked her what had happened, Meher narrated the entire incident and the scenario at Tarkash’s house. Sarabjeet still believed that Tarkash was innocent, and it was all Meher’s misunderstanding.

“I bet he won’t get Aarti and his daughter to the party today,” said Meher.

“Even if he doesn’t bring them here, how will it prove that he is wrong,” asked Sarabjeet.

“Wait till tonight, I will prove everything. Whether he gets Aaarti and Ritu or not, I will prove that he is a monster. I am shocked that a man like you is supporting him,” said Meher.

Sarabjeet shouted, “I can never support a wrong guy. If you prove to me even once that Tarkash beats his wife, I promise you that I will myself hand him to the police.”

Meanwhile, Amrita wept badly as his husband accused her of being greedy and selfish. He told her not to do anything that would tarnish his and his family’s social status.

Amrita’s husband threw money at her and shouted, “Take it and if you need more money take more. Why didn’t you ask me for money if you needed it real bad? Why did you do what you shouldn’t have done? I wanted to keep you like a queen here.”

Amrita replied, “I did this for my family. If you do so much for your family, can’t I do things to support my family?”

“No, you can’t do such things as you are a woman. There is huge difference between a man and a woman. Why do you need to work when I am there for you? Am I not enough to take care of your needs? Have you ever imagined what will people think about me if you will start earning? They would think that I am sending you to work as I am not able to support you financially,” he shouted.

Their argument was interrupted by Yuvi and Kulwant as they reminded them about Sarabjeet’s party and the party’s theme.

Tarkash suspected Aarti of revealing the real side of Tarkash to Meher and started beating him again. He tortured her mercilessly and ordered her to reveal the truth.

After a few hours, everyone gathered at the Gill Mansion for the New Year party. Sarabjeet and Meher were still angry but decided to keep their arguments aside till the party’s over. Meher told her that Tarkash won’t come and would make an excuse for not attending the party.

“He won’t come here and how will he get his wife here as he beats her every day. It would reveal her injuries,” said Meher.

Suddenly, Tarkash and his entire family came to the party and proved Meher wrong. Sarabjeet questioned Meher how can Aarti and Ritu fake their smiles if they are so upset.

“Can you see Aarti smiling? Now tell me, how can Aarti bhabhi smile when his husband beats her. Where are the wounds? I can’t see any injuries as you told me. Also, when parents fight, their children never smile. So, why is Ritu smiling if there are differences between her parents? Answer me Meher. You are wrong. At Least now accept that what you thought about Tarkash is not true. Tell me?” asked Sarabjeet.

Meanwhile, Aarti recalled Tarkash’s warning of being dumb throughout the party.

Tarkash shouted, “Don’t you dare say anything to anyone. If you talk to anyone and reveal the truth, I will beat your daughter. Apply makeup and hide your wounds properly. Nobody in the party should get to know that I beat you.”

Tarkash went to Meher and said that he couldn’t deny Meher’s getting Aarti and Ritu in the party. Meher was dumbstruck after seeing Aarti and Ritu smiling. Meher pointed out at Aarti’s makeup and asked her about the injuries on her forehead.

“Nice makeup Aarti ji. You look really pretty. But please enlighten us about the injury on your forehead. How did you get that injury?” asked Meher.

What will Meher do now to prove herself right and save Aarti from all the tortures? Will Sarabjeet believe her? Watch tonight’s episode to find out.