Anupama: Vanraj Get Back To Shah’s House

The episode starts with a sad tune playing in the background. Anupama is taking care of Vanraj at the hospital. Kavya is at her home and looking sad. Even the entire shah family looks sad and sleeping together in the hall.
Anupama said to Vanraj, Sorry, if I am responsible for your this condition, please forgive me. Nandini is taking care of everyone at home.

The next morning Vanraj wakes up and saw Anupama sleeping on the sofa. He said, Anupama! And she wakes up. He fumbles and asked for water. Anupama feeds him water from a spoon. Kavya reached the hospital and saw Anupama taking care of Vanraj.

Kavya tried to go inside. Meanwhile, the nurse came and said, Excuse me, madam! Sorry madam, but visiting hours are not started yet. You have to wait outside. Kavya replied, but I am his… I am his family. The nurse said, sorry, madam, but you cannot come inside. The patient already had his wife with him. So, for now, he doesn’t need you. You, please go outside the hospital.

Kavya replied, what do you mean that he doesn’t need me? And who are you to decide, whom he needs and whom he doesn’t need? The nurse said I didn’t mean that, madam. I am just doing my duty. You please came later otherwise I have to inform the management.

Vanraj said to Anupama, I, here, that accident. How are you here? Anupama replied, you take rest; I will call the doctor.

Vanraj thought, who take me here. And how Anupama is here?

Samar talked to Anupama on call and then informed everyone at home. He said Baa, cool-dude; he regains his consciousness. Baa said, please bring me near my son. Pakhi said I would also go.

Bapuji said, Leela, Pakhi, right now we can’t go there. We will go there in the evening during visiting hours, and Anu is there with him. And if she needs any help, then Samar will go there. Don’t take tension.

Baa replied, how I can’t take tension. I am his mother. Right now, I want to go there. Dolly said, mummy, try to understand this. If we go there in the hospital right now, then also we have to stand outside. We can’t go inside until the visiting hours.

The doctor said I would make the medicine to be written. You have to take care of his diet and medicines. For him, along with protein, vitamins, and calcium, green vegetables and fruits are also important. And make sure his right hand’s moment will be equivalent to zero. Anupama said, okay.

The nurse came outside and saw Kavya standing there. She said you are not gone from here till now. Ward-boy! Let her go outside. The ward-boy said to Kavya, madam, please goes away from here.

Vanraj said, doctor, pain is significantly less now, but there is very much discomfort. Can I go home back? The doctor said I am giving him a painkiller dose, which will make him feel better. After 2 hours, you can take him home.

Kavya said, great! I am so happy that we are going home. She quickly came towards Vanraj and hugged him. She said, thank God. Thank God that you are okay, V.

Vanraj remembers when he said I am leaving home, throwing you out of my heart!

Kavya said, you know what my condition from yesterday night is. I want to stay here with you, but Baa didn’t allow me to stay here.

Baa replied, why will I allow you to stay here? The doctor said it clearly that only a family member can stay here. That’s why my daughter-in-law stayed here. The doctor said I would prepare his discharge paper. But you need to take care of him very much. Especially his right arm. It’s better to have less movement. If negligence increased, then there are chances of complication, and maybe his entire hand will damage.

Baa said, okay. We will wholly take care of him. The doctor said, okay, then I will make the discharge papers to be ready.

Pakhi becomes happy to see Vanraj, hugged him, and said, I am thrilled to see that you are okay, papa. Sorry! Sorry! I wrote affirmation the whole night in my diary for your recovery.

Baa said, see Gujarati, English, Hindi in each language prayers are going on for your recovery. Pakhi said, and it worked. Now, I am sure whatever I wrote in that diary will come true.

Vanraj asked, now, why are you crying, Baa? Now I am fine. Baa replied a mother is like that. She had tears in happiness and sorrow. Bapuji asked, are you okay, dear? Vanraj replied, yes, Bapuji.

Samar hesitantly asked, don’t you have pain? Vanraj replied, it’s less now. Samar said, I am glad that you are okay. But next time don’t drive like this. Vanraj smiled and said, I will remember it.

Vanraj looked at Kavya and remembered her words, that I don’t need you, your begging love, and even I don’t need your favor.

Kavya said to Samar, can you complete the hospital formalities? I am taking Vanraj to my home. Baa said, how you ride on a running vehicle? And firstly, leave my son’s hand and then leave him too.

Kavya replied, what!

Baa said my son would come with me to his house. And how will you take care of him? You don’t know how to make tea. Even you will go to the office. Then who will take care of him, your aunt?

Kavya replied, I will do everything. Baa said there is no need to do it. My daughter-in-law and I will take care of my son. Did Kavya ask why? I V… Why can’t I take care of Vanraj? Yesterday Anupama was here, and now I will take Vanraj to my house.

Baa asked in which happiness you will bring him with you? He is a drum that anybody can ask for during their happiness. And from which right you will take him with you? My son will go with me.

Kavya replied, your son now stays with me. So he will go with me home. Baa said he lives with you; that’s why he is in such a condition. The poor boy arrived in the mouth of death. Kavya said, stop blaming me. All this happened because of Anupama.

Baa said steal from top sew. Firstly you broke my son’s house, now broke his bones. Whether you are a lady or bulldozer? You broke everything which you get.

Anupama said to Vanraj, now you say anything. Make them understand.

Vanraj said Baa, please! Baa asked, okay, now, Vanraj, you tell me where you want to go? You will come to your home or will you go with her?

Vanraj remembered Kavya’s words when she said, go, go to Anupama, lie in her feet, ask her for begging, put your nose down, I am sure she will accept you. Just go back to her!

Vanraj said I would only go there where I will get peace, where I will get happiness, where my family will be, I will go back to my home near my family, parents, and kids.

Baa said, Anupama, Vanraj is coming with us at home. Anupama asked, don’t you have any objection? Kavya replied, if Vanraj’s happiness is in this, then what can I say?

Baa is waiting for them at home. She asked why they are taking so long in coming. Bapuji said it would take time to complete the hospital formalities, Leela. Don’t take tension. Your son will arrive.

Anupama is working on the kitchen and remembered the time when Vanraj left home, and she slept Kavya.

Meanwhile, Pakhi said, Baa, I missed papa so much. Baa replied, now, don’t trouble him the entire day. Let him take a rest, too, okay. Dolly said, mummy, I prepared my brother’s room. Baa asked you to change the bedsheet and curtains everything. Dolly replied, yes, mummy.

Meenu said my welcome home card is almost ready! Dolly replied, wow!

Vanraj reached home. Baa becomes happy and asked to bring the worship plate. Vanraj looked at Anupama and remembered when he left home.

Baa did Vanraj’s aarti and asked Anupama to bring dry chili. Anupama brought that, so Baa asked her to glance at Vanraj.

Anupama remembered when Vanraj said, you want to know the reason. She is the reason. This lady is like that for years. Neither her face nor his intelligence updated. She smells like spices.

Baa said my neck is not properly okay, so that’s why I asked you. Anupama remembered when Vanraj said I want an educated girl, Baa, but what I get, this spice-box. Because of you, I searched for happiness outside. You are responsible for me to be close to Kavya. Because of you, my family is opposite me today.

Anupama started to glance over Vanraj.

Pakhi said, welcome home, papa! Meenu said, welcome home, uncle! Vanraj replied, thank you, beta. Baa asked him to come inside carefully.

Bapuji said to Anupama, Leela, thought like a mother, pakhi thought like a daughter, and maybe I thought like a father. But no one thought about you. Sorry, beta!

Precap: Baa said to Anupama, until Vanraj becomes okay, you stop your classes and all. Anupama replied I would do everything for him, whatever you will say, but dance classes will not stop. We need to run the house, and for running the house, we need money. And now there is a guest at home for some days. Kavya asked on the video call, V, at least tell me how your health is? Vanraj replied, I said I don’t want to talk to you. Don’t you understand? Goodbye! Vanraj thought our home is our home only. Anupama said Baa; I am your daughter-in-law, so that I will respect all your words. But don’t expect anything from me which I can’t fulfill.