Donald Trump’s fight for Presidency

Donald Trump cannot surpass his defeat to Joe Biden and declared that he would take any
extent and things and fight like hell to bring back the Presidency. Trump appealed to the
lawmakers in appeal to reverse their actual decision of his loss to Joe Biden.

In an outdoor Georgia rally, Trump and his supporters started shouting and hooting that Joe Biden is not going to take this White House!

Trump said that the rally’s purpose was to boost and awaken the Senators of Republic
Association in the coming Tuesday’s runoff election. In a turn of campaigning himself, he was
ranting out bitterly about the defeat he faced against Joe Biden, and he also added the Biden
won by a lot, and that was not appropriate.

A few days back, Trump at a press conference also objected to Republican lawmakers at a
congress’s joint session. The allegations raised against the government are being made to mark
Joe Biden’s victory over him in the electoral commission.

The Vice President of the USA, Mr. Mike Pence, is also facing tremendous pressure from Trump
himself and the former president’s supporters.

“I promise you this: On Wednesday, we’ll have our day in Congress,” Pence quotes in a
statement in a rally conducted in Georgia.

Trump added: “I hope that our great vice president comes through for us. He’s a great guy. Of
course, if he doesn’t come through, I won’t like him quite as much.” He added, “No, Mike is a
great guy.”

Trump alleged many claims on the election commission, which in turn are rejected by the
election officials as stated by the Republican Senators. The former attorney general of the US
Supreme Court said that there is no evidence of fraud found. Thus, there is no change in the
election outcome.

US elections were controversial since the beginning. The election commission manipulation
case was just mere speculation made as to who will be the President this time. The citizens of
America and leaders across the world gave their assumptions in favor of Joe Biden. After the
results came in, Trump couldn’t resist his defeat and started alleging against the election
commission and the electoral body.

At the beginning of the Dalton rally, Trump showed that he was a “little angry” at Lee, but with the hope of getting a vote by the senator would change his mind. “We need his vote.”

All the allegations presented by Trump to the election committee and republican senators
consisted of no substantial evidence to support Trump against the election body’s claims and
statements. All the angry senators replied with a very stiff and stubborn note. They added that
all Trump’s claims are vague and lack concrete proof of activity, and evidence has contained no
value in the body’s eyes.

The group that conferred no new type of substantial evidence in election problems had some
big giants’ names. This list includes the following Sens. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. James
Lankford of Oklahoma. Steve Daines of Montana. John Kennedy of Louisiana. Marsha
Blackburn of Tennessee and many others were a part of it.

Summing up, long thing short, Trump is not happy with the election results. The results might
have been manipulated or might have been fair too. But presently, Trump has denied accepting
the election results given out by the Senators. After a series of appeals to Trump is facing
failures in the attractions, too, the commission has directed him to appeal to the Senators only if
he has a piece of concrete evidence against the elections.