Chef’s Table BBQ, The Most Awaited And Appetizing Netflix Show: Release Date, Delicious Plot, Cast, And Trailer Details

All of us are literally trapped for the past six months because of the ongoing pandemic. That is to say, all of our plans to hold a barbecue in our backyard, eating those delicious burgers and hot dogs with friends and family, seem far fetched. Even just sitting somewhere in the woods and relaxing over a big, comfy fire has become just a dream.

Netflix, apparently a wish-fulfilling genie, comes to our rescue with the newly launched trailer of Chefs Table BBQ. What is in the trailer? You guessed it right, delicious food made from smoke and fire! We all love it, don’t we? But to no worry, there is a lot more to it.

Today, in this article, we discuss all you need to know about Chef’s Table barbeque, ranging from the release date to the cast, the plot, and the trailer details.

Release date: 

This show will be a four-part series and is officially the seventh season of “Chef’s Table.”. In addition, it is titled Chef’ Table: Barbecue. While the 2nd of September 2020 is set as the releasing date for the show. All of its episodes in the entirety will be available to stream on Netflix starting the 2nd of September.

Delicious Plot: 

The acclaimed show’s upcoming installment will feature four pros creating hot, juicy, and wholesome dishes from crackling flames, coal, and wood just for our, the viewer’s pleasure! Everything will be barbecued! In short, does that mean we will be getting even barbeque desserts? Only one way to find out!

Chef’s Cast:

The cast is the priority of this show. Furthermore, This season will have four episodes, featuring the four barbecue pros that will allow people to follow them as they create beautiful, mouth-watering, and soothing barbecue dishes. Blue is everything you need to know about the pros Tootsie Tomanetz, from Lexington, Texas; Lennox Hastie from Sydney, Australia; Rosalia Chay Chuck from Yaxunah, Mexico; and Rodney Scott from Charlestown, South Carolina.

  • Tootsie Tomanetz: An 85-year-old famous pitmaster working at Snow’s Barbecue in Lexington, Texas, is undoubtedly a gem in the profession. Fondly called tootsie, by her loved ones, people start turning up at her barbecue from as early as 5 a.m. to taste the deliciousness served.
  • Rosalia Chay Chuck: According to “Food and wine,” Rosalia is an expert Mexican chef and a specialist in indigenous Mexican dishes. She is known for keeping cooking over fire and food alive!
  • Lennox Hastie: He is a UK born chef, trained in Europe. His expertise was in classic French food until he claimed a job at Asador Etxebarri, a Michelin star restaurant. The keyword there for five years and presently is a specialist in cooking with fire and sword. He is passionate about creating desserts from the barbecue, i.e., fire and wood!
  • Rodney Scott: The winner of the James Beard award for best chef Rodney Scott is Rodney Scott’s Barbecue owner in Charleston, South Carolina. Scott has been cooking barbeque dishes since he was in middle school. Working in Hemingway with his family for 25 years, he then decided to open Rodney Scott’s BBQ with some partners and made it a huge success.

Trailer details: 

One of the best trailers out there, chef’s table barbeques trailer offers drool-inducing BBQ dishes; you can’t get enough! Jam-packed with mouth-watering foodporn crackling fire and bustling wood, it is a comforting yet tasteful tease! Even if you are not a meat-eater, Lennox Hastie also cooks lettuce on fire for you.

It is not precisely camping in the woods, but it is a damsel in distress for all BBQ lovers in these challenging times. We will take it with open arms right now.

 We cannot wait for the 2nd of September! Can you?