Celebrating Black Voices with Bookmarks: Release Date, Plot, Purpose And Theme, with Series Guests

One of the buzzes that we hear in the year 2020 is ‘Black Lives Matter,’ and indeed, it does. However, my question is, which life doesn’t? Can someone please enlighten me, I am eagerly waiting to know!!

Today we are about to share the wonderful news with you all. That is to say, Netflix is releasing a new season: One that humanity needs.! Well, no it is not the name of the series, that’s just my speculation about the show.

The title of the series is Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices. Certainly, you might have got the idea of what is about to happen in this upcoming release. Well, if you thought of a talk show where the guests are people of color (One needs to be politically correct). Then you are somewhat right.

My heart wept red when I came to know that some humans have such poor judgment that- For them, the color of one’s skin determines whether they are guilty or not.!!

Above all, Black people are humans too. Underneath that dark color, skin lies the same biological setting as any other human has. And yes, they make mistakes, but who doesn’t?

In what century are we living? Is this the Colonial Era? As I am dead sure it can’t be the 21st century.

Let us discuss it a bit more, which is the primary focus of this show, and to know what it is about, bare with us till the end.

Why Should You Indulge?

Firstly, this is not like all the other talk shows; It is a book reading show. Secondly, nothing is boring about getting a little more insight through the eye of the suffered. Somehow I am sure it will make you a better human along the way.

That is to say, RACISM is not something that popped up recently, with all these other unbearable and unthinkable things going on while there is such a pandemic outburst already. Racism is that contagious VIRUS; Which is infecting humanity from ages.

Release Date:

Netflix has officially set the release date. To sum up, the show will be out on September 1, 2020; I am eagerly looking forward to it.


Marley Dias will host the show, and the show will feature prominent Black celebrities and artists. These guests will read children’s books from Black authors that highlight the experiences of Black people. 

Purpose And Theme:

The center or the theme of the show will revolve around these topics- identity, respect, justice, and action. To sum up, the motive is to provide parents, families, and people worldwide with the proper toolset to lead a raging conversation in the right direction with a meaningful and positive result.

Series Guests:

  • Lupita Nyong’o,
  • Tiffany Haddish,
  • Jill Scott,
  • Marsai Martin,
  • Kendrick Sampson,
  • Grace Byers.

After that, to know more about who else will come! You have to watch the show.

Featuring Books:

  • Firebird,
  • I Am Enough,
  • I Love My Hair,
  • Brown Boy Joy,
  • I Am Perfectly Designed,
  • Let’s Talk About Race,
  • Pretty Brown Face,


In short, This show might contain children’s books, but it is really for adults. Meanwhile, If you support the moment or want to see, humanity thrives again, watch the show and suggest others as well.