Blown Away Season 3: Renewed or canceled? Know all the details here

The Netflix racing series “Blown Away” is like the Great British Baking Show or Project Runway. The contestants create soft desserts or handmade clothes.

They put hot cups in a 2,000-degree oven and shape them into exquisite and fragile creations. Blown Away combines the cunning and extremity of shows like Ink Master with the physical condition of survivors.

Simultaneously, the contestants sweat in high heat and blow their hot mugs into the shape. They like as they try to sell their wares – and their dreams of blowing. Glass – to be preserved. From breaking.

If you’ve been a fan of Blown Aways’s hot antics, you’re not alone. The show, which premiered on Netflix on the Canadian network Makeful.

Before the second installment of the season, took streaming competition out of the water. Season 2 debuted in January 2021. It was ranked fourth on the streaming list of Nielson’s original Netflix series on the week of January 25. With over 438 million views behind Cobra Kai, Fate: The Winx Saga, and Bridgerton.

The success of the event was not overstated. Here’s everything we know for next season, from the release date to the players and challenges.

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When is the season 3 release date?

While Netflix hasn’t made any announcements about Blown Away’s future based on its success over the past two seasons. We can safely assume that they will be extending it by a third. Season one premiere in February 2019, and season two premiere in January 2021. Season three could premiere sometime in 2022, although COVID-19 may delay filming dates.

Both seasons of the show will be hosted by former Big Brother USA candidates. The YouTuber Nick Uhas with Catherine Gray as permanent assessor. We hope they both come back. Gray, a California State University professor at San Bernardino, described his experience at the show. As “absolutely extraordinary” in a video produced by the school.

Several glass artists talked to CBC about the first season of “Blown Away” and stared at Gray. “Personally, I just fell in love with Catherine Gray,” said fellow glassmaker Brianna Glushak.

“I mean, Katherine is definitely one of the most respected glass artists in the world. Especially in Canada,” said Jade Usakas, who works in a glass-making studio in Toronto.

Who are the participants in Blown Season 3?

The third season of Blown Away could go a step further to highlight. The a wide variety of glassblowers in operation today. However, it is currently unknown who will get the chance to compete in a potential third season.

However, Gray told CSU of previous players: “I have the feeling that Blown Away. It is doing a really good job of highlighting diversity on the pitch”.

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When he started working with glass bubbles, there weren’t many women in the field. While there were still “not as many as you might think”. He was proud of a large number of candidates the event highlighted. One of the contestants, Nao Yamamoto, finished third in the second season. It was one of Gray’s students, and he was pleased with his success.

Perhaps his most senior competitor is the respected glass artist Chris Taylor. A high-level critic at the renowned Rhode Island School of Design. Taylor arrives with Firearms, the first contestant to appear in season two. “Some people call me arrogant and others call me brave,” said Taylor. “I think it’s both.”

What are the challenges in season three?

Blown Away’s challenge shows the viewer the technical mastery of each competitor. Its always ends with a good set of finished products. With a third season still waiting, unfortunately, the challenges are yet to be confirmed. That doesn’t mean that you can’t come up with ideas about what to expect in the past.

The challenges from last season saw the contestants create their subtle countess. Others asked him to design lighting fixtures. One of them, inspired by guest critic Greta Hodgkinson, dancer of the National Ballet of Canada. They asked participants to create a moving body made entirely of glass. Each challenge seeks to take advantage of a different aspect. Of the blower’s capabilities and show the judge what it costs.

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While the challenge is impressive to the average viewer, glass artist Glushak has received some criticism. “From an artistic point of view, I want more challenges,” he said. Maybe the new season will take things to a new level with a more attractive guest judge.

While you don’t have to hold your breath for season three. We know millions of fans will be furious if the show doesn’t return. Here we hope Netflix will pass.