50M2 Season 2: Follow the plot and the storyline of the upcoming series

50m2 is a new crime series that will immediately hit the screen. The director of this show was Burak Akas and Selcuk Ayedmir, and the manufacturer of the show was Faruk Ozerten and had created rumors.

50m2 season 2: When did the show release? And on which streaming platform?

The fate of 50m2 is currently unknown. That’s because Netflix hasn’t been officially announced. If 50m2 has been extended for season 2 or if this series faces cancellation.

This is not surprising because 50m2 is only released on Netflix on January 27. It usually takes time for Netflix to analyze the numbers and announce the new season. However, given the way episode 8 ends, it seems almost certain that 50m2 will return for season 2. Although the result of pending status 50m2, there is no release date information for season 2.

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What about the cast? Is there someone who added as a member of the cast?

The main cast event includes:

  • Engin Ozturk
  • Aybuke center
  • Cengiz Bozkurt
  • Alniacik chaseat
  • Tolfa Termin
  •  Yigit Karzci
  •  Ozgur Emre Yildirim
  •  Tuncay Beyazit
  •  Tugce Karabacak
  •  Hasan yalnizoglu
  •  Murat kilic
  •  Emre Yesiloz
  •  Embulah Cakay

50m2 season 1: What about the show plot?

This event tells us the story of a mysterious killer named Golge who wants to find his life. When he escaped the prosperity and his uncertainty and betrayal by Servetus, who treated him as a long-disappeared father, he went to a 50-meter high sewing shop in a strange environment.

When the situation was calm when he hid there, he found that the people in the neighborhood. They believed that he was the final shop owner’s son. But, he quickly realized that maintaining. This identity was not as easy as he thought.

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The more time he lives in this new environment, the more he will find his past secrets and his original identity. The more he will help the people around him, the more he will become someone else.

Nadir’s dirty work has been done by Golge when he grew up. In this series, we see that people who don’t remember anything. From their childhood, it will be haunted by photos.

That connects them to the past. As soon as he escaped the Nadir’s Secret survey, he took refuge in a 50 square meter sewing shop in a neighborhood called Gazelle. Residents believe he is calm.

50M2 Season 2: The possible plot and the storyline:

There was something intresting about the main character (Sombra / Shadow) in the opening order that holds the viewer. He drinks like cigarettes in the morning and bravely rejects any attacker. He is a typical Henchman smug who gets what he wants. The appeal is clear.

The killer of confidence takes center stage. The premise changed when he learned that the extraordinary life might have an answer to his parents; violence. Then the story changes from the killer to the hunt killer.

Finally, the story shifts to a new phase – where Shadow hides in a tailor shop. This is where he’s wrong for late owners. Instead of explaining that he is not at all related. In dangerous despair, the Shadow adheres to identity.

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With many actions, this way, a few bends and turns occur. Also, the end remains open.

At the end of the first installment, “50 m2”, the prize raises suspicion about shadow identity. Can gives Mesut what is worth implementing, and Servetus reveals the surprising truth for the Shadow. With your disguise very in danger, many things can happen. Therefore, the second season is needed.