Busted Season 4: Is the series getting a green flag or the red one?

Will any season 4 fail? Netflix’s first Korean show, Busted, is one of the most talked-about topics on the internet today. In comparison, others confirmed that they had canceled the show’s booth.

Amid all these rumors, the manufacturer finally came up with a message. From the end of Busted’s third season, fans were looking forward to the next season.

After its first episode in 2018 on May 4, this Korean drama has grown a lot. Although Korean dramas are popular with viewers. For portraying the main actors’ silly and romantic stories, Busted is an exception. Unlike other Korean dramas, this is an adventure series full of puzzles and suspense.

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The IMDb Busted rating, which is 7.7 / 10, speaks for itself. If you’re looking for a variety show to train your brain. And engage with the Sherlock Holmes character, Busted is worth checking out.

This series will suit your taste, and you will stick with it from start to finish. Well, let’s stop fighting for the bush and jump right into the next section for next season’s release date.

Busted Season 4: Will It Ever Happen?

Busted brings famous Korean drama writers under one roof and won’t see another season. Yes, the Busted Season 4 booth has been cancelled. And the show runners have confirmed this.

The news spread among fans in early January this year and was undoubtedly painful to hear. Producers don’t want to write exciting chapters and expand on a story for no reason. So they decided to stop the famous Korean series.

All three seasons of Busted were loved and cherished by fans. Don’t be disappointed in the fact that it’s over. Busted isn’t a disposable watch at all, and you’ll want to appreciate it again.

Let me tell you that Netflix is ​​Busted’s official streaming partner. Ultimately new episodes are published on this platform.

However, since the show has ended, you can still watch the series and take advantage of all the riveting scenes. Busted is one such show that makes us think about the scenes throughout the show. Also, the manufacturer has no more holes.

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So people agree with their decision not to play another season for no reason. Watching Jae-suk Too and Park-Min Young solve riddles and solve riddles was a lot of fun. But now it’s all over. And our favorite show, “Busted,” ends up with excellent marks.

Season 3 Recap: What Should Critics Say?

The final and final season of the famous pop show won millions of viewers during its appearance. With a truly outstanding cast who surprise us with pleasure from time to time, the story is a delight to watch. The plot is addicting, and this season centers mostly around puzzles.

Since the first two seasons involved some action that the crowd didn’t like. Busted’s makers were careful not to repeat the same mistakes. And from there, he gave us flawless episodes beautifully arranged by the creators and writers.

Congratulations to the implementing team for a job well done! Not only the cast but also the scriptwriters have received critical acclaim for their work.

We’ve come to see the actual “faces” of our favorite K-pop and K-drama stars. Kwang-Soo and Seung-gi returned to the show. Just because fans were happy to see them on the big screen.

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That way, the cast is the best. While Jae-Wook misses the way showrunners bring Busted to the end, it doesn’t remind us of him. Min Jr. is an intellectual and has demonstrated his skills throughout the series.

But he was the weakest of all investigators that season. It took longer to solve the puzzle, and it must be surprising to see the blunt side. In general, this season is more centered on the characters and their participation in each other. And he still admires people for all the things he has given us so far!