Batman The Long Halloween, Part 1 Review: A commendable variation of one of Batman’s most significant cases

The DC Universe Movies series is slowly making its way through the Batman canon, directly adapting graphic novels involves like The Dark Knight Returns and Batman: Year One and heavily using writers like Grant Morrison and Scott Snyder.

With the release of Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One. Another major Batman story will remove. From the list once and for all. More importantly, this film makes this story fair in the process.

Like the Dark Knight Returns films: The Long Halloween is divided into two parts.

It’s hard to imagine the source material — a year-long crime thriller centred around rookie Batman, Captain Jim Gordon, District Attorney Harvey Dent, and the family of outlaw Falcone — squeezed into one 80-minute adaptation, so the two-part approach is justified. And with Part 2 set to release in July, fans didn’t have to wait long for it to end.

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This duology format gives this mystery room to breathe and allows the film to present and clarify all of the key characters. In some cases, the film is even better at developing supporting actors than the source material.

The poor pace is the kryptonite of the DC Universe Movies franchise, but that’s been nothing less than a problem with recent projects like Justice Society: World War and Justice League Dark: The Apokolips War.

Part one even manages to find a natural ending to the plot of this more extensive series. The only honest criticism of how footage is processed. In the film is that it’s not always clear. When the narrative jumps from one celebration to the next. The film could use several different breaks in its chapters. Who knows?

Long Halloween also strikes a subtle balance between sticking to this source material and following in your footsteps. Many of the shots, lines and scenes come straight from the graphic novel.

However, other scenes can be summarized or expanded. This film also dares to sprinkle a few more action scenes to strengthen Batman’s investigation. Comics fans might think they know where this mystery is leading, but if 2019’s Batman: Hush is any clue, there’s no guarantee that the mysterious Holiday Killer will appear who and what.

The long Halloween marks the debut of supernatural star Jenson Eckle as Batman.

Eckle turned out to be an excellent choice for pouring. This story takes place at a particular point in Batman’s costumed career. He had worked long enough to gain experience, but he was still naive enough to believe that he could bring Gotham into the underworld.

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Batman Eccles is scary, though he still has a youthful aura to him. One could argue that Eckle is not sufficiently capable of distinguishing Bruce Wayne’s voice from Batman’s. But to be honest, the story didn’t offer much opportunity for billionaire Playboy Bruce to make an appearance.

Aside from Troy Baker’s Joker and Alistair Duncan’s Alfred, the rest of the voices are mostly newcomers to Gotham City. Josh Duhamel’s Harvey Dent is another acclaimed film. That conveys the slowly growing madness of Gotham’s beloved son.

In one scene, David Dastmalchian is also impressive as Calendar. Who plays Hannibal Lecter in the story and advises Batman and Gordon in their investigation. Baker is as reliable as ever when giving a Mark Hamill-inspired look to the criminal clown prince. It would have been nice to see some offspring in the Joker department. But then again, the film’s climax calls for the Baker/Pregnant brand to break out of the Joker obsession.

Inspired by the iconic DC story of Jeff Loeb and Tim Sale, Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One begins:

As a brutal Halloween murder that causes Gotham’s young guard, Batman. To forge a pact with only two incorruptible city lawmakers (Harvey Dent) to overthrow Roman. The head of the notorious and powerful Falcone crime family. But as the deaths come on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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It becomes clear that instead of the usual gang violence. This is a serial killer – whose identity, against evidence to the contrary, is becoming increasingly difficult to identify. Finally, several cases have tested the mind of the world’s greatest detective as to the secret behind the Holiday Killer.