Spiral Movie Review: Having two people with some genuine actorly store in the cast will raise the new film over the blecch

Lesser-known actors play characters who make their way through the crowd starting with Carnival on July 4th, so don’t be surprised if this character gets killed any time soon.

The pickpocket collided with him, and our dead man, who was walking. It identified himself as a policeman and followed the man in the subway tunnel, where he passed out. He wakes up with his hands tied with barbed wire and his tongue – you know, I’m not going to get into that.

I’m going to spoil stuff because these are things chainsaws love:

Gruesome inventions that give victims a chance for a painful death or torture. I won’t go into that either because it’s rougher than dirty.

All this goes without saying. You know how these movies work. And if you saw the ninth Saw without seeing any of the first eight, you’re most likely literally and metaphorically a dodo.

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Whatever. Now we meet Chris Rock’s character, Det. Zeke Banks. He is the loose canary of the Southern Subway Police: he goes undercover without telling anyone.

His father (Jackson) is a retired and respected police chief. He was once a corrupt cop, and now everyone in his power. He thinks he’s a snitch and a rat, not one to do the right thing. Even his parents aren’t too happy about what happened.

Shit is complicated – tricky like a fox. His boss, Captain Garza (Marisol Nichols). Burdens him with rookie partner William Schenk (Max Mingela). And their first show is figuring out what happened to poor Schmoe in the tunnels.

They explore the insides and find Glope, once a man, and one of their sons in blue. The clues include things, mostly body parts and the like, in little mint green boxes sent to Zeke’s office and red spirals painted in essential places in town. Well, I don’t know because they never reveal. South Subway, New Flampshire, I take that?

Dead detectives are just the tip of the iceberg.

You see, Polda Metro Selatan has a severe problem with corruption. They lie and cheat, kill and run, except for Zeke. He is excellent and forbidden. Shit is heavy bass, something like real life.

Police are calling this psycho serial killer a copy of Jigsaw to maintain the thin thread of franchise continuity. His identity is hidden behind a twisted voice and a pig mask in video and audio recordings. And while things are happening in the Saw movies, the killer hasn’t finished his murder yet.

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There are lots of cops with rotten apples that can turn into human hamburger tables. Do you deserve it? Yes? Not? Maybe a little? Are we at a moral crossroads in Saw? Jackson speaks in the film, “Whatchu talkin” bout, Willis?”

I’ll take this opportunity to complain: the potential size of the scene where Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson exchange lifeless dialogue doesn’t disappoint, written to advance the plot, not to exploit the talent in the room.

Chris Rock spends half a spiral messing up his eyes:

Like he smells a raccoon, and you’ll probably follow suit. I wouldn’t say that this is the key to Rock’s career. As he is part of the Grown-Up Kinematic Universe (or GUCU, pronounced “gookoo”).

But his personality, a long-lasting marriage of biting humour and emphatic intensity. It is no match for the Saw Cinematic Universe (or SCU, pronounced “skooo”). Like franchisees and producers, Leigh Whannell and James Wan decided that the best way.

To reinvent Saw’s sonic aesthetic was to make it fun and evil. So they gave Rock a fourth-grade Tarantino shout for Forest Gump. And invited Jackson to say his trademark 12-letter Naughty Word. Then move on to a cruel and scary creative torture series. It saved as “fun” for those of you who know who you are always doing.

So if Spiral is a reinvention of the serial formula, no one cares. If a stone is installed to increase production. It is a failure – the stone is dragged away. Drifting through the key gates of the Saw Slaughterhouse with all the blood and other bodily fluids.

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He becomes embroiled in an ironic conspiracy as a detective. Who is supposed to be wise but is more of a jerk than a wise man. Because he repeatedly strikes the traps of an almost omniscient murderous demon.