Anupama 22 December 2020: Anupama Got The Job

The episode starts with Vanraj and Kavya having breakfast. Kavya was putting butter on the bread and said; today, I will talk to Mr. Dholakia. After the merger but before becoming official, I will apply for a loan. Mr. Dholakia will sign the paperwork, but the new boss. God knows. Vanraj asked why loan? Kavya replied, V, for the house. Our savings are not going to be enough; we need more money, right? Vanraj agrees and said, hmm…

Kavya said, if we run out of money, then please you will arrange it, okay. Please! Vanraj looked at Kavya.

Samar brings his bike to drop Anupama. Anupama and Rakhi came out of the house. Rakhi said to Mrs. Shah. Anupama replied, yes, Rakhi sister. Rakhi said, my daughter supported you today, so don’t fly high. Today she supports you and asks me to leave the house, but she will be against you for my sake very soon.

Anupama and rakhi coming out of the house

Anupama said I am getting late, Rakhi sister. Take your leave, Jai Shree Krishna! Anupama sat on the bike and asked Samar to drive fast. Go, go, and let’s go!

Kavya said to Vanraj, what are you thinking, V? Vanraj replied, nothing. Shall we leave? Kavya replied V? Vanraj responds, oh, yes, I am putting my plate from here. Kavya said, sit; I am not talking about plate but about money. I can’t believe that money becomes an issue between us. Especially when you know very well that regarding money I don’t take any favor from anybody. If I am asking for money from you, I will give them back to you. And I don’t understand when we have to live together then what the problem is in purchasing it together?

Vanraj refuses Kavya about money:

Vanraj replied, Kavya, I have other responsibilities as well. Kavya asked, and me? I know I am not your responsibility, but I am something. V, for me, actually for us, our house, our future, can’t you do this much as well? Vanraj replied Kavya, please don’t stretch a thing in the morning. I am already very stressed. Kavya holds Vanraj’s hand and said, don’t give money, but answer me.

Vanraj angrily replies I had already given. I have other responsibilities as well as my parents’ health, my children’s education, and now Kinjal also came home. Kavya replied, why are you counting, Kinjal? She is rich enough. She doesn’t need your money. Vanraj asked, okay, so what can I do? Should I ask for a dowry from Mrs. Dave to continue the education of my daughter-in-law? Should I ask her for Kinjal’s expenses? See Kavya, straight forward the thing is, I earn very well, but I don’t have money for unnecessary expenses… I mean, I can’t take additional responsibility.

Kavya asked unnecessary! Anupama’s expenses are necessary, but you find my expenses unnecessary!

Vanraj said, how is Anupama a part of this discussion? Kavya replied Anupama has always been a part, V. You keep helping her in parents and children’s pretext. Now, you are using Anirudh as a blanket excuse. You are doing what you want to do. Are you always going to be a part of both…

Vanraj shouts Kavya! Never repeat this. Coming back to the discussion of money so I cannot invest in any property presently. I can’t make the mansion that you need. It will be better to divorce Anirudh first and get him out of here; then, we will discuss Anupama. Vanraj stood up and said I am waiting for you in the car.

kavya and vanraj

In the next scene, Samar brings Anupama to the school.

Anupama remembers her memory of the last time in the school. Samar said, relax, mummy. If you can convince Rakhi aunty, the principal madam is which farm’s carrot. Anupama replied, it’s not carrot; it’s radish. What are you saying, Samar? Samar said whatever. The point is you can make the impossible possible as well. Anupama asked, do you think so.

Samar replied, I don’t just think this, but I know this. Go ahead and be victorious. Anupama stepped forward and said, no matter what I face, I will have to do it. There is no point in getting scared. Jai Shree Krishna! Anupama rushed inside the school. While going inside, she collides with someone. Anupama collides with the school’s Principal. Anupama said, sorry, sorry! Principal Madam looked at her.

Baa saw the salad plate from Kinjal’s house and then said to Kinjal that the cow in my parent’s house gets better food than this. Now I know why your mother’s tongue is so bitter. The one who eats tasteless will talk spicy. You shouldn’t eat this. One Rakhi Dave is enough. I don’t want another one.

Kinjal walks away from there. Baa sits on the chair, mix lemon and salt in the salad, and then starts eating that. She is enjoying the salad while Paritosh and Kinjal are watching her from the back. Baa said its tastes well now. She took the mineral water bottle, had a sip, and said it taste just like filtered water. People waste their money on this. Kinjal and Toshu laughed and went away.

Baa said to herself that early morning Kinjal’s mother created pandemonium here. Daughter-in-law’s discussion about the job will be eventful too.

The Principal is in pain due to a collision. Anupama hesitantly said, sorry, madam. It was my mistake. I didn’t see where I am going. Did it hurt a lot? The Principal Madam replied, yes, it did. It’s not because of this hurt, but because of your carelessness, which you did last time, Mrs. Shah. I trusted you and gave you an opportunity. Do you know why? It is because I could relate to your problems. I have been a housewife myself. And I know how a housewife is underestimated. None of her efforts are ever appreciated. I held no value for my husband. So, I started as a teacher and moved my way to such a position. I wanted to offer that opportunity to you, Mrs. Shah.

She then said I could not speak English just like you.

Anupama with Principal madam

And I bore the responsibility of my whole family. Yet also, I proved to myself that you are not able to do it. You could not honor my trust, Mrs. Shah. That is what hurt me a lot. Devika asked me to offer you a second chance. And I can’t turn her down, so I called you here to talk. Now you tell me whether you deserve a second chance, Mrs. Shah. You could not do your job when it was a part-time job. How will you manage a full-time job, Mrs. Shah? Will you work for five days a week from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., can you do it? Whether you have guests at home or a function, you will have to come to school on time. Will you come? Give an answer, Mrs. Shah! Are you able to do the job?

In the next scene, Toshu becomes romantic with Kinjal.

Toshu said; eventually, everything will be fine. Baa will become normal with you. Kinjal replied, she could not generally behave with your mom in 25 years, then who am I? Toshu said, you are special, my darling Kinjal. You are not the daughter-in-law of a mom but like a daughter. Kinjal replied, I know Toshu, mom will handle everything, but your Baa is too much. The one who could make my mom shut up! She can do anything. No matter how much I try, but I can never impress your Baa. Toshu said, for now, worry about Baa’s grandson. Kinjal replied, wait for some days, my dear husband. Mom has asked us to wait till the marriage. Toshu said the secret romancing has a charm. Kinjal asked, really? Toshu smiled and agreed on the same.

Meanwhile, Baa came and saw them in this position. Baa said, oh, God! Toshu whispered, one can’t expect privacy in this house and run away. Baa said they are yet to get married according to the custom, and they are already in this state. Once they get married, the elders will have to hide their faces. It is useless to say anything to the daughter-in-law. She wants to be a mother, not a mother-in-law. I will do what I feel right. All these years, I controlled my daughter-in-law. Now, I will control her daughter-in-law too.

The Principal asked Anupama what you would have done if you were in her position. Would you have given another chance to the incompetent person?

Anupama replied, no, I wouldn’t have. But I would have thought it through before deciding about her offer. Sometimes, not just the person, but the situation around them change. At that time, a job was a dream for me, not a need, but now it’s a need. One can choose to leave their dreams unfulfilled, but necessity does not come with that choice. That needs to be completed in any situation.

Anupama asked, Devika must have told you that why I want to do the job? In our society, everyone is happy if the wife stands behind the husband. People tolerate it if she stands beside him. But, if she wants to move ahead, the husband can’t tolerate it. And if she goes alone, no one can tolerate it. I want to walk alone with a lot of responsibilities. It is like the software on the phone, which shows the route. What it called?

The Principal replied GPS. Anupama replied, yes. Responsibilities in life are like GPS. It doesn’t allow you to get lost or stop or get tired. I am responsible for my in-laws, three children, my house, my family, and my honor. So, I can’t afford to commit any mistakes. I need this job desperately, madam. The decision is yours.

Vanraj shockingly shouted, what! Why Dholakia sent a memo to you in place of me. Kavya replied, how would I know? Go and ask him. You got used to screaming at me. Now may I read it, or you want to scream more. Vanraj sit down and asked, yes, please. Read it! Please read the memo that my boss sent to you instead of sending it to your boss. Kavya looked at the memo surprisingly. Vanraj saw her and asked her to tell me what’s written.

Anupama came out of school. Samar asked, rock star, what happened? Anupama replied, it is not their mistake, Samar. They trusted me once, but I couldn’t prove myself. How can they offer me another chance? It’s alright. We will find something else.

Kavya said to Vanraj; it is written that the new management to take over, the merger has decided that the projects and clients you lost in last three months will have to be compensated with new clients and projects, otherwise… Vanraj asked what will happen otherwise.

Anupama sits on the bike to go home; meanwhile, the Principal came there and said, Mrs. Shah. Anupama asked, yes, madam. The Principal said, don’t leave empty hands. Go along with the job. Here is your identity card. You will not be allowed in the school without this.Along with the second chance, I have a warning for you. You will not get the second chance, the second time, Mrs. Shah. Your joining date is of next semester, which means next month. All the best! Anupama pleased her and said, thank you, madam.

Vanraj angrily asked, what will happen if I can’t compensate for them? Kavya replied, then they will throw you out of a job, V.

Samar happily said mummmyyyy!!!! Anupama replied Samar and happily hugged him. They both started dancing there.

Anupama and samar dancing

Vanraj said it is truly said that nobody can see others’ achievements, but everyone has an eye on failure. Dholakia can see the client and deals I lost, but he is not considering the new clients; I got the company’s profit and the deals that I handled alone. He did not even offer me a Diwali bonus, but now he has sent me this. A memo! But this is not a memo; this is a threat.

Kavya replied, Relax, V! It is not like that Mr. Dholakia has fired you. It is just a warning. We will not let it happen.

Vanraj said, it’s very easy for you to say this because your job is not in danger. Why will it be in danger? As you are Dholakia’s favorites.

Vanraj thought Anupama is taking baby steps to move ahead, but life is pushing me backward.

Precap: The new CEO of our company, Mr. Vishal Sharma. He said Mr. Shah, I don’t care about your achievements in the last 30 years. I want to know whether you can achieve something great now. Kavya said I think you should inform Baa that you cannot spend on Toshu’s wedding. Rakhi said, so all the expenses will be ours, and we will have a grand wedding. Baa replied, are we peasants to ask you to spend on our child’s wedding? Rakhi replied If you had that much money, wouldn’t you organize a grand wedding for your son?