Imlie 22 December 2020 Written Update: Malini’s mehandi function

As the episode begins, Aditya and Malini are doing worship together. Imlie feels very sad, and she goes from there. Imlie starts crying. In pagdandiya, Mithi is very angry with Satyakam. She tears the bus ticket. A woman comes there to meet Mithi. She asks Mithi, “are you ready to meet Imlie?”.

Mithi says that she will not go to meet Imlie with Satyakam. Mithi says, “I don’t want to talk with Satyakam”. Meanwhile, Satyakam is standing at the door. He hears everything. Satyakam says, “it’s okay if you don’t want to talk but atleast give me some food”.

Satyakam asks Mithi, “why you are in hope of meeting Dev?”. Mithi answers, “for Imlie.” She says, “Imlie never got a chance to see her father”. She further adds it would be good if Imlie gets her father’s name. Satyakam says, “Imlie is your daughter and she will get respect for it.”

The next day, Imlie is cleaning the house. She hears the crying sound of Rupali. Imlie goes near Rupali. Rupali is crying and looking at her wedding dress. Imlie asks Rupali, “if you don’t like the dress, you may exchange it”. Rupali says, “By changing my dress , I can’t change my fortune”.

Rupali says, “everyone pays for their mistakes but what’s my fault here?”. She says, “it’s all her destiny and she is paying for it.” Imlie says, “for every good thing , it’s important that something bad happens”. Rupali says, nothing good happened with me”.

Imlie says that Twinkle is your good thing. Rupali gets Imlie’s point. She tells Imlie “you have no experience of marriage, love, family but still you are so wise, how.” Imlie says that she was born wise and rest all is by God’s grace. In the kitchen Nidhi , Aparna , Rupali are busy in looking mehndi designs.

Nidhi says that the designs are very beautiful. Aparna asks Imlie “you must be using Henna leaves in your village?”. Imlie says Yes. She describes how she used to climb on the tree to get henna leaves. Imlie says that she used to mix henna leaves with sugar curd and tamarind .

Aparna asks Imlie to grind mehndi for Malini. Imlie becomes sad. Nidhi and Rupsli also try to convince Imlie. Aparna says “I want to see the dark color of mehndi on Malini’s hand”. Imlie remembers her marriage. She remembers the day when her hands were coloured with mehndi.

Rupali says that she and Nidhi will complete other works. They ask Imlie to grind the mehndi for Malini. Imlie agrees. After some time , Tauji and Pankaj comes there. Pankaj asks Aparna to bring some water. Aparna asks Pankaj “where had you gone?”.

Tauji says “we went to give invitation at Rupali’s inlaws house. He further adds that her inlaws are good but Pranab and Rupali can’t cooperate. Taiji says “if husband doesn’t love a women, she becomes alone in the whole family”. Imlie hears it. She feels like it’s her own situation. Tauji says that everyone loves there son most. Imlie is grinding henna. She hurts herself during grinding.

Aparna asks her “is it hurting very much ?”. Imlie says “its fine”. Aditya comes there. He asks Aparna for tea. Aparna tells him that Imlie is grinding mehndi for Malini. Aditya says “we can buy mehndi from market”. Aparna says that homemade grinded mehndi is best. Aparna goes from there.

Aditya asks Imlie “why are you doing all this ?”. He says “why you always try to impress my family member?”. Imlie says “I can’t do anything even if I impress them”. She says that she is just a servant not a family member. She repeats Tauji’s words. Imlie says “a family always gives more importance to their son ,not their daughter in law and Imlie is just a servant”. Imlie goes from there.

At Chaturvedi’s house, Shashank comes there. He meets Anu. Anu asks him about his mother. He says that he came here to enjoy his sister’s weddings. Malini comes there, and she meets Shashank. Shashank tells her that Shashank wants to arrange bachelor’s party for Aditya. Malini tells him that Aditya doesn’t like any party. Dadi tells Anu that they have to complete a ritual before Malini’s marriage.

According to the ritual, they have to feed a poor girl. Anu says that she will feed a girl while going to Tripathi’s house. Anu says the Tripathi’s are not less than poor. Chaturvedi’s come to Tripathi’s house. Shashank meets Aditya. He tells him that he will arrange a bachelor’s party for him.

Aditya tells Shashank, “there is no need of it.” Aparna compliments Malini. Nidhi receives a call. Nidhi tells everyone that the Mehndi designer has canceled their booking. Aparna says, “what will happen now?”. Rupali says that she will try to call someone.

Rupali calls a mehndi designer and asks her for a booking. Rupali cuts the call. She tells everyone that no Mehandi designer is available due to the wedding season. Aparna goes near Imlie. She asks her to put Mehndi at Malini’s hand.

Aparna says that Imlie makes good designs. She can make a beautiful design on Malini’s hand. Aditya says, “why are they asking Imlie to put mehandi ?”. Anu says, “I already told you to hire a good mehandi designer for function but you all tried to save money”.

She further adds that Malini’s function is spoilt. Malini goes near Imlie. She tells Imlie that Imlie is amazing. Malini says that Imlie, Anu, and Aditya agreed on one thing. Malini asks Imlie to put mehndi on her hands.