Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi invited Pragya for his wedding

This episode started with Riya recalling how bravely Pragya fought with the robbers. Riya was so impressed that she started imitating her by hitting the mattress with a hanger.

When Aliya entered the room, she got scared and stood on the bed, thinking there must be a cockroach in the room.

Riya explained the situation. She said I am acting like a mom. The way she fought in the showroom was excellent. She must have learned martial arts during her school time.

Aliya fretted. She asked Riya why she was addressing her ‘Mom?’ Riya said it is a fact. Aliya asked, “Then what about Meera? She continued, “You have accepted Meera’s alliance with Bhai. You have accepted her as a mother. She has raised you like a mother. Won’t she feel bad you calling Pragya mom?”

Aliya did not stop here and continued poisoning Riya’s ears. “Pragya doesn’t love you. I saw how she was worried for Prachi but didn’t even notice you in the showroom.” Her words reminded Riya of the incident when she was at gunpoint.

Riya realized she was wrong and told Aliya that Pragya hit a robber with a stick to save Prachi but did not react when I was in danger.

Aliya said it is obvious. She only cares for Prachi because she loves her, and you mean nothing to her. Riya agreed to this.

Aliya continued, “You are an emotional fool. I have made you realise so many times but you never listen to me. I bet, she must have done something to get Prachi to good books of Bhai. She wants to deprive you of bhai’s love.” Riya imagined the time when Prachi hugged Abhi.

Meanwhile, Abhi and Pragya were thinking of each other in their respective rooms. Abhi was sad and thought, why Pragya behaves this way? Am I that bad? Pragya was crying and thought the same for Abhi.

Abhi and Pragya both were missing each other.

Sarita Ji entered Pragya’s room with a glass of milk. She said you hadn’t eaten anything since morning. It was a long day today. It will affect your health. Please have milk.

All Pragya needed at this moment was a shoulder to cry on; she burst into tears.

Sarita Ji said, “You must ask Mr Mehra, whatever questions you have.” Pragya said, “There is no need because I am aware of the truth. I thought he loves me but I was wrong. We wouldn’t have separated if he loved me. He is giving my place to someone else. When I met him after years during Rishi’s case, I didn’t even ask if he had remarried because I believed he can never do that.”

In addition to Abhi’s behavior, Pragya was heartbroken with Riya’s reaction, too, when she wore the supposed ring for Meera. She said I am still there, but both my husband and daughter want someone else in their lives.

Sarita Ji said, you love Mr. Mehra, and that’s the most important thing. Love vanishes from both ends. You have kept it alive from your side. “But the hopes have died,” Pragya said with a heavy heart.

In the next scene, Abhi was disappointed to recall how uncooperative Pragya met her to discuss Riya’s tenacity.

And on the other hand, the level of Pragya’s agony was at the peak. She thought, why bad luck always chases her?

Sarita Ji tried to console her by saying, because you have yet to get the best. This pain keeps your hopes alive. Hopes are gone if the pain is gone. But Sarita Ji also gave up after that. She asked Pragya to gather herself and have milk. She then left the room. Pragya was seen crying with Abhi’s photo in her hands while Abhi was hugging a toy. A sad song was playing in the background.

Dadi decided to meet Pragya.

In the morning, dadi was praying to God to sort the things out between Abhi and Pragya. Meanwhile, a man delivered wedding cards. She was thinking of hiding it, but Mitali came immediately and called everyone to have a look. They all were happy to see this except dadi, who was concerned for Abhi. She thought they all are selfish hence fail to notice that Abhi is not happy, but I will not let him suffer. She decided to meet Pragya.

Riya showed a card to Meera and asked her view. Meera said she is more grateful than being happy to get this. Mitali said it is a custom to invite God first, so let us put a card in the temple, but the next moment Abhi came and took the card from her hand and said it was supposed to give to someone essential. They all thought it might be a business associate.

Abhi went to Pragya’s home:

While at Pragya’s home, Shahana, Prachi, and Sarita Ji were engaged in a chit-chat. The doorbell rang. When Prachi opened the door, she saw Abhi with an envelope in his hand. Sarita Ji thought Abhi must have come to take Pragya with him. Abhi said, “I have got something important for Pragya.”

Sarita Ji went to Pragya’s room to inform her, and before Prachi went to make tea for him, Abhi told her that both her parents love her. Then only Shahana and Abhi were left in the drawing-room.

Shahana asked him why was he explaining this to Prachi? Abhi replied, because I don’t want her to blame herself if her parents get separated in the future. Shahana could sense that he was disturbed. She said, “I have a feeling that you are going to do something which will hurt Masi and Pragya eventually.” Abhi said, “You love them so much.” Shahana replied, “YES! MORE THAN YOUR DAUGHTER RIYA.” Abhi got emotional, and tears welled up in his eyes. He asked Shahana to promise that her love will never fade.

Meanwhile, dadi was going to meet Pragya. She thought to tell Pragya that Abhi is not willing for this marriage. It is Riya who is adamant. Abhi is not happy. I will make her swear upon Dallo (Abhi’s real grandmother). She was hopeful that nobody could separate them. She remembered her sister Dallo and got emotional.

Pragya was overwhelmed to know about Abhi’s visit.

Sarita Ji was teasing Pragya that Santa Claus has got a gift for you. Then she said, “It is Mr Mehra.”

She then said he has got a gift for you, and I think he must have come to take you back with him. Then she told Pragya about the conversation between Abhi and her. “He had promised me to fix everything and do his best to make you happy. I could not tell you this earlier because you were upset. Since he has come now, I firmly believe that he has spoken with his family about you and will bring you back.” Said Sarita Ji with joy.

Pragya was touched and hugged Sarita Ji.

Abhi invited Pragya for his wedding.

Pragya saw Abhi and asked him to sit. He replied in a complaining tone, “No ma’am, I am fine.” Their conversation turned into an argument soon. Pragya got angry and asked why was he here? Just for a cup of tea? Abhi said, “I have come with the gift, which you have been longing for so long.”

Pragya thought he must have understood that she doesn’t want him to marry Meera.

She then told Abhi that finally, he could read her mind; however, Abhi had no idea what Pragya was talking about. She said, “Sarita Ji had told me everything that you have promised her to make things ok.” Abhi repeated the word ‘promise’ thrice as if he remembered something. He then accused Pragya that she had also made promises earlier. Then Abhi changed the topic and told Pragya that we would not argue as today is a big day of my life. Then he gave the envelope to Pragya, he was holding. Amidst this, Prachi was also seen getting tea for Abhi, listening to the conversation between him and Pragya.

Pragya got hurt to see the wedding card, but all she could say was, “You are getting married to Meera!” The episode ended at this moment.


Abhi asks Pragya if she is happy now? Pragya replies, “I am so happy that I will dance in your wedding till the moment I get tired.” Abhi says I can’t wait for that day. Tomorrow is my engagement. You perform there itself.  

In today’s episode, all hopes of Pragya were shattered. Now Prachi is also aware of the wedding. How will she react? What will Pragya go through? Let’s watch the next episode.