Anupama 21 December 2020: Anupama Approaching For Job

The episode starts with Kinjal and Paritosh came towards the dining table by having hand in hand. Baa noticed them. Paritosh let Kinjal sit and then sat himself too.

Baa said, look what time has come to. Despite having a daughter-in-law, the mother-in-law is making as well as serving food too. Kinjal said I would help, mother-in-law. Anupama replied, not at all, okay. Sit down. You can help me from tomorrow onwards. Kinjal agreed and said, okay.

Baa said to Anupama, pamper her more. Bapuji said the food is getting cold, Leela. Kinjal asked Paritosh, let’s eat out of the same plate as always. Mamaji said Jiju baby; we should also eat out of the same plate. Love will enhance. Baa replied, shut up, brother.

Toshu and kinjal having dinner

Everyone laughed there. Kinjal started to feed Paritosh from her hands. And Paritosh did the same. Kinjal said I am eating Indian food for a long time. It’s delicious. It’s very tasty, mother-in-law. Toshu said don’t get excited and eat too much. You are not used to it.

Pakhi said you have to get used to new things after marriage. Baa whispered to Anupama, tell your daughter-in-law not to act like lovebirds in front of the elders. It doesn’t look right. There should be love between husband and wife. They should also follow the norms. Otherwise, it looks strange in front of the family. They didn’t get married with the permission of the elders. So they should maintain some distance.

Paritosh and Kinjal come to the room where Samar is using his phone. Samar said, come on, lovebirds. I just remembered something I need to do. Consider this room like yours. I do not have any problem.

Toshu said do you see how wise my brother is? So… Kinjal asked so? Paritosh comes near Kinjal, and Kinjal said Toshu someone might walk in. Toshu replied, relax, this room is of mine and Samar only. No one will disturb us here.

Kinjal, Toshu becomes romantic; meanwhile, someone knocks on the door. Anupama asked can I come in? Kinjal replied, yes, mother-in-law. Please come.

Anupama said to Paritosh, Toshu, your Bapuji, and Mamaji want ‘Meetha Paan.’ Can you get some? Toshu replied, okay, mummy. Kinjal asked, mother-in-law, did I do something wrong? Anupama replied, no, dear, you didn’t do anything wrong. Only certain relationships need more care. What we consider ordinary might be something serious to the other person. Listen, dear. Your grandparents-in-law might not have an outdated mindset. But they are certainly from an older generation. For them accepting your love marriage is a big deal. They are trying their best to keep up with the time. But we can’t expect them to always keep up with time. Many things were frowned upon during their time. They don’t think of it as something bad. But when they see it. Then Anumpama started to fumble, what’s the word… Kinjal said, awkward?

Anupama explains kinjal

Anupama replied, yes, exactly. That’s what they feel. Listen, dear. You and Paritosh act however you like when it’s just the two of you. But please be considerate in front of the elders. Kinjal asked, mother-in-law, is it wrong to eat out of the same plate?

Anupama replied when Baa and Bapuji were younger, the husband and wife don’t even talk to each other in front of the elders. Kinjal shocked, really? Anupama said, yes. Kinjal replied, thank God we don’t get birth at that time. I will be more careful from now on. I am sorry for today.

Anupama said, why should you apologize? Kinjal replied, actually, mother-in-law, I need to stay with my grandparents. So I don’t have any idea regarding all this. Mother-in-law, I might make more mistakes in the future. You, please guide me on the same. And if I do something wrong in front of grand-in-laws, then please indicate me. I will understand it. Anupama asked what I should do? May I blink my eyes? Kinjal and Anupama both laugh and agree one the same.

Toshu came and said for getting paan Samar has already left. Anupama said, okay. Kinjal dear, you can sleep in my room or Sweety’s room. Until you get married with the permission of the elders. Till then only.

Anupama walked out and thought, sorry, sorry, sorry, kids… But I have to keep the entire family together. I have to consider everyone’s preferences. I know that you both don’t like it. But… It’s important to keep the family’s elder’s happiness.

In the next scene, Kinjal said to Toshu, it’s okay, baby. We can do at least this for the family. Paritosh agreed on the same, and they both hugged each other.

Baa said you did the right thing by explaining it to Kinjal. You shouldn’t discuss such matters with Paritosh. I would have been different if Vanraj was still here. As far as the expenditure on the wedding is concerned, we will do as we can. Both the families will make an equal contribution. We have to live in society, so we have to do expenses. Otherwise, people will say that we didn’t spend much on the family’s elder son marriage. Don’t worry about the expenditure. Vanraj has told me that he will take care of everything.

I just hope that the wretched woman stops causing the problem.

Meanwhile, Paritosh came shouting, mummy! Anupama asked what happened? Paritosh said, mom, Kinjal was on the phone and all of a sudden. Mummy, Baa, hurry up.

Kinjal was on the floor and crying because of stomach pain. Pakhi said, sister-in-law, everything will be fine. Anupama, Baa, toshu, everyone comes and holds Kinjal. Baa said, one minute, I think her stomach hurts. Toshu said I just called out the doctor. Anupama stopped him and black salt and thyme. Then she asked Toshu to hold Kinjal.

Baa said, see, dear. Sit straight. It will alleviate your pain. Pakhi asked Kinjal to Sit straight. Toshu said, Baa, I think we should call the doctor. Baa replied, no need to call the doctor. We are here. Samar said, don’t worry, brother. We have black salt and thyme. It always works. Everyone is consoling Kinjal while her mother is listening to everything on call. Baa said, just two minutes. Everything will be fine.

Anupama quickly went to the kitchen and made a mixture of black salt and thyme to relieve Kinjal’s stomach. She said, don’t worry, Kinjal. This will relieve your stomach soon.

Anupama came to Kinjal and let her eat that mixture. That’s it. She asked Kinjal to chew it properly. Come. Baa said, I think that she isn’t used to eating food made from Desi ghee. That’s why she is having pain. Toshu asked will she be all right? Should I call the doctor?

Baa replied, is doctor a magician? We gave her homemade medicine. Anupama asked Kinjal, are you okay? Do you feel better, dear? Kinjal replied, thank you, mummy. Even painkillers can’t show as much fast result.

Baa said the kitchen is not only a woman’s workplace but the temple and hospital also. We have been using this homemade rest for centuries. Anupama said, yes. She said to Kinjal that whenever your stomach hurts because of food, use black salt and thyme. Remember it. Kinjal said, okay, mummy.

Rakhi cuts the call and said, thank God, Kinjal is all right.

Anupama sat on the bed and told Kinjal to fall asleep. Do you feel better? Kinjal said, do you know, mother-in-law. One time, I got very sick during childhood. Dad was outside India, and Mom was busy with her coaching classes. That’s time for taking care of me; only Nani and doctors are there. But mom wasn’t there. I was very sick. And all I wanted was my mom, to be in her lap and her love… Just like you are pampering me today.

Kinjal sleeping on Anupama's lap

Anupama replied, maybe she could not come because she was helpless. Mrs. Rakhi must have felt more bad than you did. For not being with her daughter. If a mother fails to fulfill her responsibilities due to work and family, that doesn’t make her bad. Fall asleep. Pakhi noticed them and went away.

Meanwhile, Anupama got a message from Devika, Anu; I have spoken to sister, she wants to meet you. Go to her office tomorrow for a meeting at 10:00 am. Anupama becomes very happy and said, Devika, Devika, Devika, Thank you so much! If the Principal listens to Devika and gives me another chance, I won’t make a mistake this time, no matter whatever happens. Not at all.

In the next scene, Vanraj wakes up shockingly by talking on a call; he said, what? Does it mean that the news is confirmed? Kavya asked, what happened, V? Vanraj replied the rumor about the merger is true. The company is getting merged. Very soon, the new boss will come. Kavya asked what? Vanraj said new boss means new management. Many people will lose their jobs. Kavya asked V whether our job is in danger also?

Vanraj replied, no, no way. I am the strongest asset of the company. And don’t you worry. I will also let your job to be there. Kavya replied V, I have contributed to the company too. Just like you, I am also confident about my eligibility. Vanraj said I just hope that the new boss will be good. I might have to make some extra efforts to impress him. But I am sure that this one will be a fan of my work and myself just like the previous one.

Vanraj goes away from there. Kavya thought it’s not going to be as easy as he is thinking.

The next morning Pakhi asked Anupama that you want to meet principal madam; why? Bapuji asked, Did she called you, or are you going by yourself? Baa said to Pakhi that you must have done something, that they summoned your mother.

Anupama replied, no, Baa. It’s because Devika talked to her about my job. Baa replied, if you have dance classes and school, then who will do household work? Mamaji answered, my dear sister! Baa replied Shut up, brother!

Anupama said Baa, don’t worry. I will do the entire work of the house. I will have to do it. You know very well that we need money. Baa replied that Vanraj is there. Bapuji interrupts Leela! and said to Anupama, do what you want, dear.

Samar said to Anupama, mom, hurry up. It’s ten o’clock; we have to reach school till ten o’clock. Baa asked who will make the breakfast? If Jhilmil works in the kitchen, who will clean the house? Oh, yes. I forget now your daughter-in-law is there. She will do the work. Won’t you?

Kinjal hesitantly moves her head; meanwhile, Rakhi reached there and said, what! After seeing Rakhi, Anupama remembered her words that I will break Kinjal and Paritosh’s relationship.

Rakhi Dave in shah family

Rakhi said it had not been even 24 hours after the wedding. Sorry, but… You have a new daughter-in-law, not a new maid. Kinjal said; mom went towards her and hugged her while Paritosh touched her feet.

Baa said to Mamaji, take off the home’s cable connection. Mamaji asked why, sister? She replied we could watch new shows without it like a dancing snake on our street. Rakhi said, if caring for a daughter, her mother becomes a snake, then I accept these taunts, Baa. Kinjal said, don’t worry, mom. I am all right. Mother-in-law gave me a fantastic tip…

Rakhi surprisingly asked a tip? Are you serious, Kinjal? Anupama said, Rakhi sister, home remedies are useful for minor issues. Rakhi said, but you should have taken her to the Doctor, Mrs. Shah. Baa said she didn’t have a heart attack to be taken to a doctor. She had an upset stomach because of food.

Rakhi replied I know. Kinjal is not used to eating the kind of food which is made in your home. Therefore, she won’t eat anything in this house from today. And not even drinks water from here. I mean, until she doesn’t get used to the food here. I don’t want my daughter to have any food allergies. So, I will daily send food and mineral water for her.

Kinjal said, mom! Rakhi opens everything which she got for Kinjal and asked helpers to keep it down. Anupama asked, what is this, Mrs. Rakhi? Kinjal said, mom, all this is not required. Rakhi replied, come on, dear. Until you get used to oily and spicy food, she asked Anupama, Mrs. Shah, you are also a mother. Can’t a mother do this for her daughter? Besides, this is not a dowry. I just send some food. A mother will not look after her child’s food, then who will?

Samar said, mummy, we have to leave for school. Let’s go. Bapuji said, yes, you should go beta. You had lost your job because of being late. Anupama replied, okay, Bapuji.

Rakhi said, job! Mrs. Shah, did you start doing a job. Oh, okay, now I get it. That’s why you were talking about Kinjal do the work. Wow! The mother-in-law retired from the kitchen as soon as the daughter-in-law arrived and started a job. It must be the first time in history that the mother-in-law will go outside while the daughter-in-law cooks food. Excellent. What can one possibly do? My daughter is your daughter-in-law now. Now, your right over her trumps mine. Anyway, I thought you would treat your daughter-in-law as a daughter, Mrs. Shah. Well, it happens. Easier said than done, you know! I am sorry to say Mrs. Shah, but I expected you to treat my daughter way better than you are treating her now.

Anupama remembers Rakhi’s old words that I will brainwash my daughter so that she will start to hate not only you people but also Paritosh.

Rakhi said, anyway, if you leave, who will I talk to about Paritosh and Kinjal’s wedding? So, you must stay here, right? Baa asked, and what about Kinjal’s dad? So, in your family, the father’s presence isn’t significant when it comes to talking about the daughter’s wedding. Rakhi replied, of course, it is.

Baa asked then? Why didn’t you bring your husband here? You aren’t here to give the measurement for a blouse that you came along. If you want to talk about your daughter’s wedding, you need to come over in the evening after giving us a call that too, with your husband. And one more thing… come here only when my son has free time.

Kinjal said to Anupama, mother-in-law, please go to the school. She said to Rakhi and mom, please go away from here. Thank you so much for getting me some food today, but please don’t bring it again. Mom, I am very happy in my house, and I don’t need extra help from anyone. 

Precap: Anupama said I have the responsibility of my in-laws, my three children, my family, my home, my self-respect; I need to safeguard everyone’s honor. I can’t make a mistake, not even accidentally. The rest is up to you. Kavya said coming to the projects and clients if you don’t recompense people for that at the earliest. Vanraj asked then what? The Principal gave Anupama her identity card and said, you won’t be allowed inside the school without this. Kavya replied to Vanraj; then you will throw out of the job; V. Vanraj thought, Anupama is moving ahead, taking baby steps, and life is pushing me back.