Choti Sardarni: ‘Ghosts’ of the house revealed


After Montu and his friends created another trouble for Param and his family, Meher’s eyes burned with anger. She went outside to find out the person who was behind sending rats into their house. When she went outside, she didn’t see anyone but found a rat trap lying on the floor below the window of their room.

After seeing the trap, Meher clearly understood that someone was trying to harm their family. She promised Param that she would bring out the real faces of the house’s ghosts before the day would end.

Meanwhile, Vikram continued his search for Meher and her family. He saw the missing poster of Sarabjeet on the wall of a building and got angry.

He looked at his staff and shouted, “You people don’t have even a little bit of common sense or intelligence?” He took out the poster and tore it. He said, “If we could find Sarabjeet in this way, I would have held several press conferences.”

He didn’t want to harm the political image and reputation of Sarabjeet. He said, “By doing all this, I don’t want to ruin his political image. He is a politician. I don’t want to destroy his future by bringing out the reality before the public.”

He further ordered them to find the Gill family as soon as possible.

While Vikram was enquiring about the Gill family from the locals, Meher was asking locals about the goons who escaped from their house. There was a moment when both of them stood close to each other, yet they didn’t notice each other.

While Meher was busy searching for the goons, Montu and his friends were preparing to set up the other trap they had laid for Meher.

On the way home, Meher saw Bichhu leaves (that generate a sensation of itching all over the body). She thought of a quick plan and went home after plucking a few branches of the tree.

At home, Meher spread the leaves all over the front side of their house so that the ‘ghosts’ would get trapped and caught. After spreading leaves on the floor, Meher heard some noise of plates falling on the ground. She rushed towards the front side carefully.

When she found no one there, she told Param to accompany her to the backside of the house. The moment Meher went there, she was stunned to see some hay lying on the ground. She felt it was some trap.

Param was about to fall into the trap, but Meher pulled him up, and both got saved.

Suddenly, Meher and Param heard some people screaming near the front end of their house. Meher smiled as she thought the goons finally got trapped. When the real faces of the goons were revealed, she was astonished. She felt sorry for the kids and apologized while applying toothpaste on their skin to cure their itchiness.

“I am really sorry my kids, I thought some elder was trying to create troubles for my family. I am really sorry. This toothpaste will heal the itchiness very quickly and all of you will be alright soon,” she cried.

One of the kids got very emotional when they noticed Meher crying for them. She asked, “Why are you crying? We have got the pain we should cry instead.”

Meher replied, “I cried because I gave you this pain. For me, all kids are equal. I am a mother after all.”

All the kids, except Montu, got emotional and said they were homeless. Meher looked at them sympathetically and offered them to become Param’s friends. Param, too smiled at this offer. The kids were about to shake hands with Param, but Montu shouted and stopped them.

Montu warned Meher to clear the house by the next day.

“I want this house vacant by tomorrow morning as this is our place to play,” he commanded.

When the kids left without beginning their friendship with Param, he got upset and started weeping.

“Nobody wants to be my friend. Old friends have stopped talking to me and I am unable to make new friends,” cried Param.

Meher tried to console him, but Sarabjeet directed her to stop and leave him alone for some time.

After some time, Meher and Sarabjeet entered into a cute argument over Sarabjeet going out for work. While Meher told him not to go out in this state, Sarab refused to listen.

“I don’t want you to go out in this state for work,” shouted Meher.

“I have to go. You are working alone and so it is important for me to go out as it is the only way to earn food and other things for our family. My God is with me and please trust Him, He will protest me,” said Sarabjeet.

“I have not stopped you from working but not in this state,” Meher yelled.

“Today, our condition is such that we have to pull out water from well everyday in order to survive. If I won’t go out, who will earn money for our family? I don’t want to be the kind of man who can’t even get food for his family,” shouted Sarabjeet.

Vikram’s car’s tyre got punctured as Montu, and his friends laid a trap to get customers for a person who dealt with repairing tyres.

When Vikram got to know the reality, he handed over some money to the kids and was about to ask them about Meher and his family, but his mobile phone started ringing. The kids went away when he was in a conversation with Kulwant Kaur.

On the other hand, Meher and Param were out to collect water from public taps. There, she was upset as she recalled her argument with Sarabjeet that morning. Meanwhile, Sarabjeet, alone at home, decided not to go to work as she understood Meher’s concern for him.

Sarabjeet told Param to take care of Karan while he would go with another bucket to help Meher. Param noticed Karan’s milk bottle empty and felt helpless when he saw the milk vessel also empty.

He decided to get milk himself for his little brother as his parents were out. He took Karan and went outside in search of milk. At the milk shop, he saw people buying milk in exchange for money. When he went forward and asked the shopkeeper to give him milk, he told him to get the money first.

Suddenly, Param saw some money on the counter left by a man accidentally. He took the money as he had to buy milk for Karan. He held money in his hand and was in a dilemma. After some time, he went looking for the man who left his money and handed him the money. The man blessed Param.

He looked at Karan and cried, “I am sorry Karan, I couldn’t get milk for you as your big brother doesn’t have money. Please don’t cry. I will do something to get milk.”

Little Param felt too helpless at that time. What will Param do to get milk for his brother? Watch tonight’s episode to find an answer to this question.