‘Antlers’ Review: Where Keri Russell found himself in fairy tales of folk-horror stories

Some text on the screen: I will boil it into this simple: Mother Earth is P.O.’d, and the vibration here is, we will watch a little revenge. Then we see a boy, Aiden (Sawyer Jones), roaming the grounds outside the mine left behind. Destroyed structure. Train the stretch track, empty. And gloomy frozen on depression cakes, constantly drizzle, beautiful in rich and humid chocolate, is miserable.

Grubby Aiden’s father, Frank (Scott Haze), thought the boy sat relaxing in the truck so he could climb some meth in the mine. But all the scenarios walk sideways when Frank and drugs heard a sound, another voice, then attacked in darkness, with something that sounds like Puma but less than the velociraptor. Making curious about Chomping’s voice and cutting, Aiden strolled to the deep darkness of the mine entrance, and the film title faded, and the happy days were here again!

Subtitles on the formation of a mining city shot on the edge of the mountain, mist-caped and robed on despair:

Three weeks later. Julia (Keri Russell), or Miss Meadows If she is your teacher, speaking in the middle class about storytelling, myths and legends. A skinny child, Haunted-wild, Lucas (Jeremy T. Thomas), slumped on his desk.

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The children of disturbing mocked, but it seemed unwise because Lucas looked like a type that fought back with psychological warfare; I mean, he’s a kind of disturbed movie child who makes a terrifying image at school. Julia stood at the stores, and cameras remained on a liquor rack, but she did not buy. One day at a time, one at the same time.

After an unspecified duration, he returned to his hometown and was new in this teaching job, living in his childhood home with his brother, Paul (Jesse Plemons). The latter was Sheriff with the father of Twilight Northwest Cop-Father Pacific. He continued to tidy up things with the specifications, which meant Paul could not find his belongings, like his treatment. He just tried to optimize the room, he said. He intends to find his place soon, he said.

At this point, I will remember it because these are monsters that discuss trauma and severe abuse. Julia was tense and restless, and we saw Blurry Flashes from the past Julia, triggered by the piano and other things at home. (Paul is sensitive to him – he offers to get rid of the piano, but he said it was unnecessary.) When he came home from school, we saw Lucas stop to arrange the animal snare or observe the skunk that might be above accepting the tip of a large stone in his hand. He came home and looked at the very locked door behind something lurking.

A man, maybe. A man with red eyes that we see through a keyhole.

A man sounds like a rabbi wolf or goes full Gollum. Julia revealed concern for Lucas, following it her way, bought ice cream, tried to break her shell, denied, was told. “Don’t follow me this time.” Not much time passed before. The Sheriff Paul had to do something about the corpse, then the other, and the other. He was surprised, and so did Julia, and of course the whole city too. But we don’t, and maybe Lucas is also not.

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Jesus? In wet, Oregon is cloudy? 404 Error files are not found. This is a surprising place with a depressed economic and psychological gloomy atmosphere. So Cooper slapped his comfort zone, and very similar to the other films. The horn was very sad, but was watched and absorbed misery.

The main difference we need to make. The tendency of filmmaking for curly character studies means seeds Antlers find a little more purchases than typical horror sightseeing. At the same time, he was pretty happy with the opportunity to linger in a long time to look at the viscera. By begging for the first time.

You saw the dead animal beside the road and could not tear your eyes from Gorbik. It could not revoke his feeling of disgust and sadness from your mind. Also struggling to shake the feeling that this could be a cold and nonstop world.

So this film can effectively prune under what surface lurking – lurking in the forest.

It also spoils its shares of cliche genre: an oppressive atmosphere, creepier suburbs of native American folklore, archetypes are creepy little children, some giant bones (bone reaction priority!) The effects of body horror sounds.

And even though the grip was tangled for the welfare of his problematic character and the use of his creature as a symbol for more incredible things – the nature of the harassment cycle was great – Julia’s catharsis felt a little shallow, superficial, originating.

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But he will only be deep in arousing primal disturbances over the mind or two thoughts to make us wonder whether and how people can recover from things done for them when they are vulnerable children. Unlike many of his horror contemporaries, the horn confirmed creating a Woebegone atmosphere like that.