“The Rescue” Review: A captivating document to rescue a Thai football team trapped in a cave

The Tham Luang cave system is the fourth most extended system in Thailand and stretches hundreds and hundreds of meters beneath the Doi Nang Non-Mountains. Narrow canals and underground rivers connect the cameras. With a large and wide entrance near the town of Mae Sai in the northern Chiang Rai Province.

In 2018, a group of boys playing together on the Wild Boar soccer team were stuck with their coach when the rainy season arrived early. And persistent torrential rains raised the water level in the cave, blocking their escape.

Thai seals took part in the Rescue and hundreds of volunteers from home and abroad. And a consortium of international military personnel and a group of experienced cave divers. Whose unique knowledge of the complex underground environment makes them essential to any rescue.

Because Tham Luang is big international news:

This aftermath was marked by disagreement over who would tell the story. For example, Netflix has secured its rights from a boy’s point of view.

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Now, The Rescue is a National Geographic production that guarantees the rights of divers. And as such, the document focuses on their point of view. We met Rick Stanton and John Volanton, both British experienced cave divers dedicated to the safe recovery of children.

But they need to find them first, and The Rescue includes a mix of simulated dives in the depths of the water-filled. And congested cave system, plus camera footage of Stanton and Volanton. The rain continued to fall outside, and a large pump tried to divert as much water as possible from entering the cave.

Locals pray, and parents cry for their missing son. A revered monk came to give his blessings and spiritual insight. And a large number of media train their cameras and microphones with every move the rescuers make.

Once Stanton and Volanton find the boys alive. It’s almost a miracle in itself – it’s about the natural and safe transfer. And The Rescue follows the divers as they put together their team of experts.

The oxygen supply in the cave would be reduced, and there would be two. And a half hours of driving time if someone escaped alive. Incredible, but the most effective means of Rescue become the most impossible. By calming the trapped children and dragging them to the diving sticks.

“I’m not at all comfortable with what we’re doing.”

Cave diver and anesthesiologist Richard Harris said in The Rescue. “There are two very powerful things. And that is putting the face of someone who has passed out underwater. And then handcuffing your hands behind your back. It’s like euthanasia.” Harris felt euthanized. His doctor had planned to do it.

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Calm him down after Rick Stanton calls him, but it’s the only way to get the kids out of life. As a United member,” State Air Force paramedics said on the spot, “If you don’t dive, everyone’s going to die.

So The Rescue finds its most captivating rhythm in the final chapter. As a boy among divers on the Civilian Cave Team tasked with calming and bringing the most difficult parts of the cave system. Through the darkness, mud and turbulent water, to the hands of military personnel and waiting for lines of volunteers. The hundreds and hundreds of people, already, on the surface and the fleet past the waiting ambulances.

But apart from their hard work and dedication to the location of the cave:

The Rescue also describes the types of people who dive into dangerous dungeons just for fun. For men, divers are by nature individualists. They are not team players, they are happiest in places where no one can tell them what to do. And as it turns out, the best example of this is deep underground in a cave full of water.

“My world is this little alley, and that’s a good thing,” Volanten said. Or, as diver Jim Warney put it: “Once I go underground, the world disappears.” And Stanton has the final say, summarizing how rewarding it is to align their personalities and particular skills around such an important goal.

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“Well, I think I am very proud of what we have achieved. This is the reason for the dedication I put into a ridiculous minority sport that no one has ever taken seriously.

The Rescue took place at a media event about saving Tham Luang Cave to reveal the human faces of the initiates. Who risked their lives and bodies to bring the boys home.