“The Bitch Who Stole Christmas” Review: Campy Sendup from the Hallmark Movie Drag Race

The drag on pop culture continues with The Bitch Who Stole Christmas on VH1. A television film in the form of a rousing Hallmark romantic novel that enriches the campground. Which drag race alumni appear in the film. But is the Whore Stealing Christmas just a long-term challenge or the holiday season?

Christa Rodriguez (Halston, Smash) as Olivia St. Lapelle, reporter for fashion magazine Gorge.

To achieve the immense popularity of her dream, HBIC sends Hannah Contour (RuPol) Olivia on a mission to the small Natal town of Tucajo to dig the ground. To tarnish the reputation of the happy city and to remove the jewels from the Tucajo crown.

Olivia disguises herself as Maggie Zinn and goes after the girls in Tuco the wrong way. If he manages to turn this hot mess (played by gingerbread stars Ginger Ming, Brooke Lynn Heights, Peppermint and Ian) into superstars, they could win the annual winter ball. Then the crown – and this act – is at hand.

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I have to give it to James Mansfield, the queen who came home first in RuPaul’s Drag Race season 9. James is a villain by nature. And this role finally gives viewers a chance to see the comfortable vampire comedy queen, in a way that is! Who needs all the stars when you can play the most demanding. A nimble housewife in Tucajo in a Christmas movie that returns year after year?

Hearing what her boss wanted, Olivia replied, “So, should I write a show about Christmas Town?” It’s a very tasty and intentional trademark – and that’s just the tip of the parody iceberg.

Drag race and vacation are impossible to combine after the famous 2018 Holi-Slay Spectacular. Fans joined forces in anticipation of a real and legit racing series and instead took in old-school variety shows in the form of drag race episodes. So the success of The Bitch Who Stole Christmas with the sometimes tense drag race audience depends on what they expect when they hear it.

Fortunately for the franchise’s first foray into the Christmas TV movie genre:

The bitch who stole Christmas gave you what you wanted. When you think about it, you hear “Drag Race Vacation Movies”. The plot is an absurd representation of the Holmark way. Like the friendship between townspeople and newcomers built on lies, the evictions prevent our heroes from winning the Winter Ball, the installation of Metamorphosis, and the whirlwind romance between Olivia/Maggie and Emberisa forever.

This film has a little more coherence than Drag Race Acting Challenge and is about Easter Eggs like Drag Race. There are nearly two dozen submissions from Drag Race grads and if you catch them all you’ll be enjoying a fun drinking game with all your pimples defatted and strengthened.

If you are worried that all the Ru girls will only appear as cameos, good news! Many queens are very busy in this film. The Queen plays several speaking roles in this film. It’s great to see our loved ones – like Peppermint, Brooke Lynn Hytes, Ginger Minj, and Jan – disappear into new roles!

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However, this film was not on a Hallmark budget – well, no high-budget Hallmark film led by a ’90s child star who became an influential mother. It’s an affair with some green wallpapers and kits, but isn’t that the whole vibe? Isn’t that the goal? Queens knows how to make it all work, and the script is full of so many touching phrases, puns, sequels, and parody moments that any flaws in the film’s style in the end don’t matter. The bitch who stole Christmas defied this adage because it was fast, cheap, and healthy.

The bitch who stole Christmas It’s hard to sell to those who aren’t talking about Drag Race. But it’s a huge reward for those of us who do.