“Your Honor Season 2” Review: Jimmy Sheirgill lets you feel his desperation in this riveting thriller

Do you remember the civil law textbooks we envy the bouquet of privileges granted to a judge in India? Your Majesty, everything seems fair. But what if the authoritarian person in charge of justice finds himself amid crime and is forced to make decisions that are in stark contrast to his job definition?

Jimmy Sheirgill returns as a courtroom judge in the exciting SonyLIV court drama.

This time he has a lot to deal with while his young son is imprisoned for the murder of a gangster’s son. The actor is the one who once ventured into the Bollywood. As a romantic core in Mohabbatein has come a long way.

It lets you feel the powerlessness of your hero Bishan Hosla, who is deeply torn between his duties as being a father and also his responsibilities as being a judge. Caught on the wrong side of the law, Bishan fears for his son’s safety.

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In prison while a gang blackmails itself for the murder of his wife’s killer. When the gang actually asks him to pay a big and hefty ransom. And influence his decision as a judge, his world seems to come crashing down.

Despair has many faces when his sister Indu (Richa Palod) is kidnapped and forcibly married off to a gangster. Her dead husband (Varun Badola) is the only man Bishan talks to in her lonely world. This may sound confusing and confusing, but the director is careful not to confuse you with too many faces.

And effectively keeps the intrigue going with one storyline at a time. The terrified Bishan is never seen with a smile on his face. And manages to transfer the tension to the audience. By holding a gun in his hand and keeping his eyes and ears open at all times. You can sense the lack of a wow factor. But the tension of knowing the fates of many characters has you hooked.

The makers are far from the precedent for other suspense thrillers:

Like Family Man and Paatal Lok, but giving up their role in providing decent watches. One aspect that caught our attention and was very enjoyable was dealing with Bishan’s kidnappers, played by Gulshan Grover and Mahi Gill.

The conversation remains formal and almost friendly. As they ask him to pay the ransom, and the rules are in their favour. The whole thing looks like a real estate deal with usages like “aap” and “saab”. If suspense and intrigue are all you’re looking for in an everyday watch, this one is top of the line.

However, be patient with Niwas until he slowly builds up the story in the first episode or two. Inspired by the Israeli series of the same name, the second season seems to lag behind the first. But there seems to be enough food to satisfy the hungry audience’s hunger.

Gulshan Grover and Mahi Gill play the new band members introduced this season, trying to reconcile the judges and Mudkis. Still, their participation seems cosmetic at this point. Zeishan Kadri took over the throne vacated by Yaspal Sharma in the first season.

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Jagdanya also wants to marry Richa Pallods Indu, bringing back the weirdest song in the first season. Kirana to Mita Vashisht, who did not reveal the stone to capture Hosla, has returned, and she is not done with it. From what we have seen so far, he seems to have unfinished business with Harpreet Mahie Gill.

There was no urgency in the first season of Your Honor, and the problem applies to this season as well. The show doesn’t use every scene to convey anything substantial. Which makes it quite a spectacle if you’re busy with a second screen in hand. Storytelling in such a way that once you know the big picture. You can pick any episode from any point and start watching.