“Aisa Waisa Pyaar” Review: The Eros Now web series is peppered with good humour

Eros Now is the newest and upcoming streaming platform to release an anthology.

Aisa Waisa Pyaar consists of four stories that explore love in various forms. The stories unfold simultaneously in a beautiful Mumbai setting, with many characters connecting smartly and subtly.

Kajal (Chana) and Faizaan (Kamani) are best friends. Faizaan is a perfect fan of movies, like Kanti Shahs Gunda (1998), has a weakness for trash and is always ready to show his side. Kajal is a more severe species, but she loves Faizaan’s story. They also shared their experiences from the session.

This episode discusses whether a guy and a girl can only be friends. Most phone calls between characters are split-screen. While these chats are fun, they go deeper than ordinary conversations. The twists in the story seem exciting and organic.

Sveta (Sharma) works in a managerial position in a company and is wealthy. But his personal life is not going anywhere. Since the love of his life tragically passed away three years ago, he has become highly sarcastic and quick to anger. Kajal (Chana), her sister, wants her to move on with her life.

You may feel that this is a tragic story, and it is. But told quickly and funnily. Never sad, even when living in the world is like that. The episodes continue as the story unfolds, leading to a heartwarming ending.

This is one of those rare stories where there is almost no conflict, but still, everything fits. It felt like Ada Sharma was born to play this role. He’s friendly, even if rude, because he keeps the underground flow of humour alive.

This story is about love between an old couple.

Mahendra (Kapoor) is a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan. He tried out actor avatars from different movies. He looks happy, but deep down, he is sad because his wife, Sunita (Chada), has Alzheimer’s disease. He had forgotten everything, including her and her love that started when he was in school.

This is perhaps the most touching of the four stories by Aisa Weisa pear. Like the previous one, this one has an emotional and sad story but follows a simple path without obscuring the central theme of Alzheimer’s. Chada makes sense as a patient with this disease. Nidhi Singh was impressive in a short role.

However, the film is based on Kapoor’s performance. The veteran is mainly considered a serious actor, but this act brings his comic side to the fore. However, even if it’s funny, he manages to emphasize the character’s pain subtly. The split-second reference to his classic series by Doordarshan Byomkesh Bakshi is a masterpiece.

This is only for an inevitable conversation (read: quarrel) between the couple Jaspal (Sakib) and Jasmine (Nidi) at the cinema after the latter is late for the show.

The most memorable part of this episode is the humour:

From the moment Jaspal starts frantically waiting for Jasmine to the end of their conversation in the hallway. This was made possible thanks to good comic moments from Sakib Salim and Nidhi Singh.

Given that, this is the weakest of the four episodes. Not that it’s terrible. It’s just not up to the level it was before. However, the show ended too early. And that’s an achievement because I never used the ten-second forward button. For an OTT show, especially since we’ve seen so many shitty love stories over the years, it’s arguably brilliant.

I hate the title “Aisa Waisa Pyaar”, but the story is fun. Does this mean I will subscribe to Eros Now content? Possible.