“You Vs. Wild: Out Cold” Review: Interactive experience that displays gryll bears and many choices

In a remote mountainous area covered in snow-covered rocks and covered in pine forests and icy thickets, Bear Grylls hung upside down from trees, entangled in their parachutes and utterly cold. “Come on!” May Day!

Come in, is anyone there? “A man’s voice shouted from a nearby radio. And as Grylls comes and goes, it becomes clear that he has another problem – amnesia. “I need your help,” the adventurer says on camera and goes in search of water, food or shelter. But which need for survival did he find first?

Amnesic Grylls, lost in the mountains in an interactive world, needs viewers’ help.

You vs Wild: Out Cold is the result of the adventurous television holdings of Bear Grylls, shows like Man vs Wildes. And celebrity-inspired Running Wild with Bear Grylls, where the name of the game has survived harsh conditions.

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Out Cold-Hook is not how the Grylls will come out, but how you get them out with an added touch of technological interactivity. In a clickable scenario, Grylls, tired of amnesia, tries to build a slope out of a fallen tree trunk and the remains of his parachute.

He tells the camera that his moves feel right, almost automatic, but he doesn’t know why he has the skill. It didn’t matter because he is immediately chased out of the shelter by the oncoming wolves. Should he try to get lost in the woods below or climb the mountainside? To the bare rocks above the line? Oh no! That’s up to you.

“What are you waiting for?!” Grylls screamed and lifted him from the predator.

Whatever the viewer chooses, it becomes clear that Grylls must save the pilot from the plane he jumps in with a parachute that lands somewhere on the other side of the mountain.

There are various ways he can go, and he also provides factual knowledge of nature. For example, he explains other aspects of altitude sickness or the relative energy obtained by eating cockroaches. And when the pilot is finally found, it’s time to jump back in and fight Wild again, with only a different clue.

Educational segments of classic children’s programs like Sesame Street and The Electric Company dealt with interactivity in the 1970s and 1980s – they lacked technology.

You would ask young viewers at home to look at a series of numbers and possible outcomes. When they poured different amounts of water into different sized buckets on the screen as a child. Or maybe they’ll show a series of animated letters forming and changing with different sounds – you’re against phonetics.

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These programs will increase your interactivity vs Wild: Out Cold, so it’s natural to use it that way.

This is not a film as a means of entertaining and entertaining children and curious adults. From time to time, for 45 minutes to an hour from time to time. He is tying whatever choice Bear Grylls can make to the available outcomes. There is no plot other than sketches of disaster, amnesia, and survival of the elements. No subplots. There’s only the grill, the utensils, the straps and his casual glance at the camera on you, the viewer, his clique expert silent expedition partner.

Whenever Grylls arrives at a crossroads of choice. The intense music is generated, and on-screen tools appear, options box click, and the horizontal line shrinks as you spend precious seconds. It’s a visually pleasing user interface that effectively suppresses tension and inspires younger viewers to make decisions as quickly as possible. But that’s not Infinity Grills. Follow the instructions and help the adventurer in his quest and find a solution.

What about the wild animals there? What about the tunnel? Go back to your selection, and you’ll see where each segment connects differently. And each choice made is displayed in a box at the bottom of the screen. You were making it easy for the user to switch between timestamps.

It must be wonderful the first time you remember the onslaught of flipping through a paperback book. Pick your adventure novel. But if you’re looking for more action and storytelling. These things don’t grow on the hill where You vs Wild: Out Cold occurs.

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You vs Wild: Out Cold’s interactive characters are fun. Slightly whimsical novelty from the streaming platform that will spread further. He’s also done Out Cold Lock with the cold rock to entertain the kids. At least once or twice until the option goes away.