Yellowstone season 3 episode 9-“Meaner The Evil”, Abstract & Details.

Episode Abstract-

Yellowstone Season 3 Episode 9 revels – Ranch & Teeters fates after John’s former friend (who is their current enemy as well) Clint and Wade Morrow (Clint’s father), attacked them in a river. And what happens next is a bit hard to watch.

Beth finds market equities for the time being, and costs her shareholders billions, CEO Willa Hayes waiting in her office to fire her. Now they are the major shareholders of the company, making them majority owners of Schwartz & Meyer. Willa is happy to brag her plan for the land around John’s ranch.

Meanwhile, after a discussion, Kayce and Monica decides to send their son Tate to homeschool.  John can teach his grandson how to run the ranch; after all, he will own the ranch one day.

John found out his reality

John finds out, he is adopted; he starts unearthing about his biological father. Who’s on a parole. (Garrett Randall)

Garrett notices that Jamie has his mother’s eyes and tells him the harsh truth that he kills his biological mother, eventually revealing, “ Your mother sold her body for drugs, & I killed her. That’s where you come from”.

Garret wants him to leave, but Jamie tells him he needs to know him quoting, “I never know who I was. I have never felt like this, He explained him I need to know you or I will never know myself.”

This episode reveals Colby & Teeter survived, but she has a dreadful cut on her head.she spent all this time to attract him. He kissed her. “you should have f**ked me when I still had a face, but it’s ok, we will work on your timing,” she tells him.

Wade & Clint visit the hedge fund manager to give him an update.

he knew he will be killed if he decided to go back to the prison so Wade denies. Roarke insists him and quoted “they can’t sue for damages if there is no damage”

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Wade &  Clint spot walker along the fence and sew others on their horses to come up behind them. So they start shooting but Rip lassos wade & Clint take himself out as he ran towards the tree.

Rip starts to demand the name of the guy who hired him or cut him down into pieces.

Walker did not knew wade, but he had a gut feeling if he is wearing a brand, must be a bad man, and if others wanted back, he must be worse.

Things are certainly heating up as we ride towards next week’s Season 3 finale.

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