“Yabba Dabba Dinosaurs” Review: The odd splitting of boulders with pebbles and bamm-bamm

If you’ve heard that the latest version of The Flintstones has been developed with animation and modern humour, you’d be amazed, right? What if we told you that with little fanfare, HBO Max gave up on something like that three years after its only shooting season?

Bamm-Bamm Rubble (Ely Henry), Pebbles Flintstone (Jessica DiCicco) and Dino (Eric Bauza) are sitting on a boat and looking like they are fishing.

When Bamm-Bamm is “bitten”, we see that the bar is attached to a car:

With Bamm-Bamm’s dad Barney (Kevin Michael Richardson) and Pebbles dad Fred (Jeff Bergman) trying to do it with leg strength. They go fishing to Craggs Lake but soon find themselves among so many people at camp. And on the lake that Fred continues to argue with someone who claims to have replaced him.

The children and Dino escape into the forest, where Bam-Bam knocks on tree fruit. And Pebbles believes he has made a scientific discovery. Soon you’ll find yourself in the middle of a battle between some enormous.

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Not-so-bright dinosaurs and some flying and much more intelligent species of Velociraptor. As you might expect, Bam-Bam is at the side of the head of the moon and pebbles with learned creatures.

Barney and Fred get into a fight after Barney’s scorpion bait run out. With another worm, he’s been trying to use. Barney, somehow wanting to go ice fishing. Makes a hole in the boat with a red bird. At which point both begin to sink. Who will save them, primarily when their children descend? What creatures can eat the fruit in the forest?

We saw the first three 12-minute episodes of Yabba Dabba Dinosaurs. While we recognize the character as depicted in the various incarnations of The Flinstones over the past 60 years. Any resemblance to the show or even its history in Decades of Journey is a coincidence.

Developed by Mark Marek and Marley Halpern-Grazer and based on the classic character Hannah-Barbera:

This series seeks to delve into the weird and the crazy. The weird and the weird, rather than give people a story. That comes as close as something a bit like Flintstones.

There was an attempt to make the show look like a classic series, even with less traditional animation. Laughter appears in some scenes. For example, it is not used in other scenes. But there’s a sense that the writers took the most extreme parts of each character.

And we included Wilma (Tress McNeil) and Betty (Gray Griffin) – and we made these characters. Fred liked to fight. Barney wasn’t too light, Bam-Bam was robust but muddy, Gravel was as bright as their mother but aggressive. The characters have more nuance, even in the show’s less immersive reboot of the ’70s. It just turns everything into a barge engine.

There’s a good joke between the three episodes. Pebbles finds what he calls a chameleon. Which can transform into any shape he can find. When he turned to Bamm-Bamm, we saw how he was destroying the gravel house and said: “Bam! Bam! Just like Baby Bam-Bam in the original series.

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“I didn’t say that!” said the slightly older Bam-Bam, even though we know he was wrong. This makes quite a lot of laughs. But three episodes of laughter is not what we want here.

Yabba Dabba Dinosaurs was initially created in 2018 and is now streaming only (broadcasting on UK Boomerang in 2020). From what we read, we never booked the second season. After watching an episode or two, you’ll understand why.