‘Hospital Playlist Season 2’ Review: K-drama comfort watch the best type

Over the past four months, Thursday has become synonymous. With new episodes of Season Two of Hospital Playlist for several K-Drama fans worldwide. The wildly popular K-drama for 2020 has been back for a second act. Since June this year and brings more music, warmth, and friendship to it.

The show follows around the lives of the five surgeons at the busy Yulje Hospital.

Who have really known each other since their days in the medical school. There are the most popular and charming, Yu Jung-Suk, a general surgeon; sweet and sensitive pediatric surgeon Ahn Jeong-Won (Yoo Yeon-Seok); Yang Sok-Hyung (Kim Day-Myong), an experienced but fleeting obstetrics and gynaecology assistant; the perverted, sarcastic, and empathetic heart surgeon Jung Kyung-Ho; and gang member of single, super tough woman and neurosurgeon Chae Song-Hwa (Jeon Mi-do).

What sets season two of the hospital playlist apart from some other medical dramas. It is how it removes the clichéd attributes of the genre. The focus here is not on hospital policies, conflicts of ideas, or other similar conflicts. In contrast, the show “Pieces of Life” deepens the five protagonists’ relationships. With the patients, colleagues, and each other in a relaxed manner.

While a lot of the time is really spent discussing diagnoses and guiding viewers through complicated surgical procedures. The hospital playlist is much more than that. Each patient has a history; There is a lot of hope, resilience, and sadness that Yulje doctors. Who face as they face the ups and downs of the professional. It’s also refreshing to see the surgeon’s share of connections with trainee Yulje and colleagues. Ego or dominance doesn’t matter, and one can’t help but be invested in their journey as they develop.

While some overly detailed medical procedures can be omitted:

The show’s pace, especially in the second season, is a minor drawback. Even if the spelling fails, it helps K-Drama stay consistently healthy and never stray too far from the camaraderie, jokes, and camaraderie that make up some of its best scenes. These are small moments; a surgeon offers his exhausted trainee the chance to return home. A new mother leaves warm food for the nurse caring for her baby in the intensive care unit. The joy brought on by the sudden rain after hours in the hospital, or the son pleads guilty to the surgeon-father that he understands that he is busy saving the universe.

There’s more romance in the air this time around, and full thanks to the writers for never conveying this to other aspects of the show.

Like screenwriter and director duo Lee Wu-Jung and Shin Won-ho’s 1988 replica. Food brings the gang together and is a prominent symbol of comfort and tenderness. Be it the quick lunch they gather at Song-Hwa’s office at the hospital or a quiet dinner on the rare occasions when they’re away from work.

Fresh strawberries, americanos ice cream, grilled meats and comforting bowls of ramen;

These and many others witness everything from love confessions to announcements of significant professional changes. In one of the most touching scenes of season two, two hospital mothers whose babies are in intensive care find solace and bond with each other while eating together at home.

The main strength of the hospital playlist lies in its brilliant composition. It’s hard to choose a typical show because all the actors are trustworthy and severe, but Jo Jung-Suks Ik-Jun will be one of the best male characters in K-drama history. These images can be distracting on screen, but Jung-Suk is very friendly and maintains a significant presence on screen from start to finish. It’s hard to believe the hospital playlist is Mi-Do’s first role in a K-drama because it’s so natural.

In these somewhat turbulent times, Yulje and her doctor provide some of the show’s fans with a lot of comfort, calm and warmth each week. This show proves that drama isn’t always fun; lazing around every day and these little moments of warmth are more than enough. The show’s creators have hinted that there won’t be a third season anytime soon, but we hope that all music lovers’ favourite surgeons from Yulje, Uju, President Jong-Soo, Ro-Sa and others will return soon.