Will There Be Orange Is The New Black Season 8 or Not?

Orange Is the New Black has triumph ever since that show premiere in 2013 on Netflix. It was the third series to stream on Netflix. Along with its story’s versatility, it spans over seven seasons and thus became the longest-running series on Netflix. It has made Netflix reach the next level in the streaming platform.

Introduction to Orange Is The New Black:

The series premiered on July 11th, 2013, only on Netflix. Jenji Kohan is the creator of this prison drama, which describes the story of female prisoners. Furthermore, the series is based upon the female prisoners with the flashback of their lives. Moreover, the show starts with Taylor Schilling as Piper Chapman. The protagonist of the show, ending up in prison, leaving her New York Life. The show highlighted the struggles and flashbacks of a female prison. The show’s producers revealed to us the real struggles and lots of untitled flashbacks of a female prison with lots of comedy as well.

Interesting Facts about the Orange Is The New Black:

Actress Uzo Aduba won the Emmy awards for Outstanding Supporting Actress for her role as Suzanne Warren, aka Crazy Eyes. Besides, Taylor Schilling was also a nominee for the Golden Globe award. The first season comes with 13 episodes, and since there were a total of seven seasons of Orange Is the New Black. Each of them consists of 13 episodes, and ultimately, the show has covered 91 Victorious episodes. 

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Sad news about Orange Is The New Black:

Netflix confirmed that the series was going to wrap up with season 7 just after season 6. According to stories on October 17th, 2017, Netflix officially renewed this for the seven seasons and discussed the piece of regretful news. The bad news is that there is no more season to come. This season is the last one. The seventh season was out in July 2019, and it was a goodbye. Everyone thought that Orange Is the New Black has ended with season 7. When the finale was released last year, furthermore, dedicated fans of Orange Is The New Black, we have sad news for you, but we should accept the truth that there is no more season for Orange Is the New Black.

Breaking News about Orange Is The New Black Season 8:

The show’s producer, Jenji Kohan, verified the series was not put to an end it was proposed to be, and it does, according to the partners of Orange Is the New Black. The show had simply come to an end and did not want to continue the season unnecessary and make it long, however, after lengthy discussions between the show’s production team. We might come to see Season 8 of Orange Is the New Black soon enough then you can imagine. Are you excited? Well, this is going to be good news for the binge-watching folks as the show will be out in its entirety. That means all 13 episodes of season 8 of Orange Is the New Black will be available to stream on the same day.

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New Fish in the Pond:

In addition to that actress, Dale Soles said that she is interested in the next season of Orange Is the New Black. Despite that, looking forward to casting and producer, we can only assume things. The details of the upcoming series are not out yet. However, there is a possibility of a new story and new casting in addition to the existing one. Let us hope that Season 8 will be such a prison drama with a powerful performance of Taylor Schilling.