Is Russian Doll Season 2 Coming?

After the enormous success of Russian Doll season 1, everyone was wishing and eagerly waiting to hear the news of the show’s renewal for the second season. However, that wish of many is finally coming true, as Netflix has made it official that another season for the Russian Doll is coming.

Introduction to The Show:

Russian Doll is an American comedy series with not such an unusual plot. If you have seen the show, then you know everything about it, but if you didn’t, then we got a lot to talk about, and it is as follows. If you have watched The Groundhog Day or know anything about it, it is easy to explain what to expect from Russian Doll. Natasha Lyonne, who stars as Nadiya Vulvacov, the show’s protagonist, is also the show’s creator with Leslye Headland and Amy Poehler. To know the whole story about the show, we recommend you to read:

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The Inside Story:

The end of the first season of the show was staged in such a way that everyone was lead with a thought that this was it. However, the reality is far from it as in recent events, and we have seen Netflix officially announce the coming of another season of Russian Doll. And we can’t express our happiness after knowing it. Moreover, that’s not all; we get some insiders about the show, especially for you. So see for yourself what they had planned for the show and what is going to happen in the near future.

The screenwriter of Russian Doll shared the following about the Russian Doll:

“We initially pitched it as three seasons. We came in with it like, ‘Here’s the idea for season one, here’s the idea for season two, here’s the idea for season three’. So, I could definitely see us going back to one of those ideas.”

Further, Russian Doll’s team members added: “We did specifically want the first season to feel like a complete thing. That was always part of the pitch and part of our vision, that at the end of four hours you’d be like, ‘Oh, it’s over’. That particular story is over. And then, even in our early pitches before we’d written the pilot or gotten greenlit, we were saying, ‘Here’s some places it could go.”

So, it won’t be just another season, but there can be one more. As the Russian Doll team has a lot more to give, it depends on you to handle it, as the story goes on. We will surely see something never thought of before, and that’s what we are hoping for in the long run. 

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When is The Second Season Coming?

We can’t say anything for sure, but as 2020 is coming to an end, it is definite that we will get to see the second season of the Russian Doll at the end of the first quarter or in mid-2021. All we know and can say for certain is that we all are dying to see what Russian Doll will deliver this time. After the unexpected first season of Russian Doll, the second season’s expectations are towering high, and we hope the team will fulfill them. Until the producers release the next season, we are blinded by the curtains. So to uncover the next stage of the show, stay safe and stay healthy.