Will there be Day Dreamer Season 2?

This romantic comedy is originally launched as Erkenci Kuş. However, this show is also known by the name of DayDreamer and is a hit sitcom. The first episode of the show was out on June 26, 2018, and the finale of the season came on August 6, 2019. Moreover, the translation of Erkenci Kuş from Turkish to English is Early Bird

Introduction to Erkenci Kuş- Day Dreamer:

Faruk Turgut is the producer of Erkenci Kuş. Meanwhile, Çağrı Bayrak is the director of this series, and the director of photography is Tarık Erkan. At the same time, Aslı Zengin, Banu Zengin Tak, and Ayşe Kutlu are the scriptwriters of Day Dreamer. The show is set in Istanbul, like any other Turkish show. Moreover, we all know the other thing that Turkey is famous for is its Coffee, and there is nothing that can beat an old fashion cup of Turkish Coffee. Furthermore, The Erkenci Kuş, aka Day Dreamer, will it be back anytime soon? If you want to uncover that, please stick with us till the end, and we will disclose it to you.

Awards for Erkenci Kuşp- Day Dreamer Season 1:

The first season of Day Dreamer consists of a total number of 51 episodes. Star TV is the official channel for Erkenci Kuş. Moreover, these 51 episodes of season 1 of day dreamer got awarded as the Best Romantic Comedy Series at the 45th Golden Butterfly Awards.

Where you Can Watch Erkenci Kuş- Day Dreamer:

The Erkenci Kuş is available to watch on Global Agency with English subtitles. However, you can visit the official profile of Erkenci Kuş on YouTube. And for your easy access, we have the link down below:

Erkenci Kuşp- Day Dreamer

Furthermore, we have great news for the Indian fans of Day Dreamer, or you can say the ones who understand Hindi as the episodes of Day Dreamer are available to stream on MX player. And the best part is that Streaming on the MX player is absolutely free. You don’t need any kind of subscription for it.

The re-run of Day Dreamer Season 1:

The show starts with Sanem Aydın Divit, the show’s protagonist, working in the grocery store. Her father owns this store, but she wants more from her life. She plans to be a successful writer. So getting married to the guy that her parents arranged for her or living her life. She chose to go out and live young.

Furthermore, that’s where she found the love of her life and the romance in the already going comedy starts.

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Who Else is a Day Dreamers other than Samen:

The show Erkenci Kuş aka as day dreamer, because of the story where its protagonist Sanem always dreams of something great, everytime. Moreover, is she the only one day dreamer or we have some other too? Well, everyone is a day dreamer, ain’t they? However, some of the characters of Erkenci Kuş are as follows:

  • Can Yaman as Can Divit, The boss of Sanem and the one she fall in love with
  • Özlem Tokaslan as Mevkibe Aydın 
  • Cihan Ercan as Muzaffer Kaya (Zebercet)
  • Öznur Serçeler as Leyla Aydın Divit
  • Birand Tunca as Emre Divit
  • Berat Yenilmez as Nihat Aydın
  • Anıl Çelik as Cengiz (Ceycey) Özdemir
  • Tuğçe Kumral as Deren Keskin
  • Ceren Taşçı as Ayhan Işık
  • Sibel Şişman as Güliz Yıldırım
  • Ali Yağcı as Osman Işık

Will there be Day Dreamer Season 2?

As of now, the show Erkenci Kuş– Day Dreamer has ended. Moreover, there is no official statement for the renewal of the show Erkenci Kuş– Day Dreamer. So we can say nothing for sure as this show has enormous numbers of fans worldwide. And the first season of Erkenci Kuş had an enormous success. So we can say this thing for sure that the producers of the show must be thinking and need to have a plan for the second season of Erkenci Kuş– Day Dreamer.

Are you a fan of Erkenci Kuş– Day Dreamer? If not, then we highly recommend it. You would love it for sure.