THE SPANISH PRINCESS SEASON 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, & Trailer Details

The Spanish Princess is a great historical period fiction-drama, based on Philippa Gregory novels, The King’s Curse, and The Constant Princess. Developed by Emma Frost and Matthew Graham, this show was originally released on Starz. Each episode has an approx run time of 55minutes. Furthermore, this show is produced by Andrea Dewsbery and preceded by another two great shows of all time, namely: The White Queen and The White Princess.

After the successful run of The Spanish Princess season 1, the fans are eagerly waiting for the release of Season 2. And we can say this for sure that the wait is finally over. To disclose the date and other secrets about the show. Please do stick with us till the end.

Release Date of The Spanish Princess Season 2:


The first episode of season 1 of The Spanish Princess was out on May 5, 2019, and the finale for season 1 of this series came on June 23, 2019. Moreover, the story was left to be continued, and after waiting for more than a year, The Spanish Princess is finally back with its second season. And October 11, 2020, is the day when the first episodes of the second season of The Spanish Princess will premiere. The Spanish Princess season 2 has another eight amazing episodes in line. And the finale of The Spanish Princess season 2 will air on December 6, 2020.

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The Cast Members of The Spanish Princess Season 2:

The Spanish Princess Season 2 Cast

The Spanish Princess has quite a unique cast, and the main actors playing their respective roles are as follows:

  • Charlotte Hope as Queen Catherine of England, former Catherine of Aragon
  • Laura Carmichael as Margaret “Maggie” Pole
  • Georgie Henley as Margaret “Meg” Tudor
  • Ruairi O’Connor as Harry, Duke of York and, later, King Henry VIII of England
  • Elliot Cowan as Henry VII King of England
  • Daniel Cerqueira as the Spanish ambassador to England, De Fuensalida
  • Nadia Parkes as Rosa de Vargas
  • Aaron Cobham as Oviedo
  • Alicia Borrachero as Queen Isabella of Castile
  • Philip Cumbus as Thomas Wolsey
  • Angus Imrie as Arthur, Prince of Wales
  • Alba Galocha as Queen Joanna of Castile

While some of the recurring actors and their respective characters are as follows:

  • Mamadou Doumbia as John Blanke
  • Patrick Gibson as Richard of York
  • Isla Merrick-Lawless (part 1) and Sai Bennett (part 2) as Princess Mary
  • Morgan Jones as Edmund Dudley
  • Nick Barber as Edmund de la Pole
  • Mimi De Winton as Ursula Pole
  • Arthur Bateman as Reggie Pole
  • Matt Carr (part 1) and Theo Ancient (part 2) as Henry Pole
  • Philip McGinley as George Neville

The Guests of The Spanish Princess:

This series The Spanish Princess also have few guests throughout the show, and these guest with their respective characters are as follows:

  • Kenneth Cranham as Bishop John Morton
  • Luka Perros as Christopher Columbus
  • Norman Bowman as William Dunbar
  • Philip Andrew as Philip I of Castile
  • Luke Mullins as William Compton

The Plot for The Spanish Princess Season 2:

The plot for The Spanish Princess is a moment-based in history. A pregnant queen, leading English troops into battle in her husband’s absence. And we don’t want to spoil the story of The Spanish Princess season 2 any further for you. As the show is about to release this weekend, we guess you can be patient till then.

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The Spanish Princess Episodes List:

The name of the episodes for both the parts of The Spanish Princess with their respective directors are:

  1. “The New World” Birgitte Stærmose
  2. “Fever Dream” Birgitte Stærmose
  3. “An Audacious Plan” Daina Reid
  4. “The Battle for Harry” Daina Reid
  5. “Heart Versus Duty” Lisa Clarke
  6. “A Polite Kidnapping” Lisa Clarke
  7. “All is Lost” Stephen Woolfenden
  8. “Destiny” Stephen Woolfenden
  9. “Camelot” Chanya Button
  10. “Flodden” Chanya Button
  11. “Grief” Lisa Clarke
  12. “The Other Woman” Lisa Clarke
  13. “Plague” Lisa Clarke
  14. “The Field of the Cloth of Gold” Lisa Clarke
  15. “Faith” Rebecca Gatward
  16. “Peace” Rebecca Gatward


The show’s trailer is mind-blowing and gives a glimpse of what will happen in The Spanish Princess season 2. In a very narrative way. You can also check out the official trailer for The Spanish Princess season 2 below.