Will there be a Season 2 of Sandwiched Forever or not? Here is a reason why!

Sandwiched Forever is a 2020 Indian parody dramatization web TV arrangement debuted on SonyLIV on 25 December 2020.

The arrangement narratives the existence of a youthful couple, Sameer and Naina, whose life changes after their marriage because of their folks’ steady impedance.

This 15 scene arrangement has some genuine snapshots of humor that watchers can connect without any problem. Devang Kakkar, Bharat Kukreti compose this situational parody. Pankaj Mishra shows the showdown between the belief systems of the two ages.

The Plot and the storyline of the Sandwiched forever Season 1:

Sameer and Naina are a youthful couple who will get hitched. Naina is a public-level badminton player, and Sameer is a game designer.

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Naina is a fit game individual, while Sameer is extremely apathetic. Their life changes after their marriage because of steady obstruction of their folks.

Their security after their marriage goes for a throw as their home is sandwiched between the place of Sameer’s folks and Naina’s folks.

Each scene of the 15-scene arrangement discovers Sameer and Naina in an alternate pickle that they need to squirm out from, prompting humorous circumstances.

The Star Cast of the Series Sandwiched forever Season 1 is as per the following:

  • Kunaal Roy Kapur as Sameer Shastry
  • Aahana Kumra as Naina Sarnaik Shastry
  • Atul Kulkarni as V.K. Sarnaik
  • Zakir Hussain as Giriraj Shastry
  • Lubna Salim as Manjari Sarnaik
  • Divya Seth as Sanyukta Shastry

Bits of knowledge to the scenes of the Series Sandwiched forever Season 1:

  • “Sandwich Bana Dala.”

Sameer and Naina are enamored with one another and are getting hitched. They need to remain in a different home, where there is no obstruction from their folks/guardians-in-law. VK (Naina’s dad) proposes that they purchase/rent the level close to VK’s.

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  • “Ouch the lounge chair!”

Sameer and Naina are eager to set up their new home. Naina is prepared with her shopping rundown of the furnishings. Sameer dreams about sentimental evenings around the affection sofa, while he bought online at a costly cost.

  • “Honey Trap.”

Sameer and Naina need to move away from their folks and furtively plan a special first night. They lie to their folks to take downtime. These outcomes in a single untruth lead to another. Naina’s dad associates Sameer with having an illicit extramarital relationship.

  • The first battle.”

Sameer and Naina have their first battle. VK eve’s drops and misjudges that data. He accepts that Sameer can’t perform well in the bed. He includes Mr.Shastry in his main goal of fixing Sameer and Naina’s concern.

  • “Mandir Kaha Lagayenge”

Sameer and Naina are glad to see their folks meet up over the possibility of performing pooja in their new home. However, their bliss disappears when they discover VK and Mrs.Shastri need to lead the pooja in their specific manner.

  • “Papa ka Siyappa!”
  • “Kamla pe Hamla.”
  • “Khana Kharaab.”
  • “Suit V/s. Sherwani”

Naina’s cousin (VK’s niece) is getting hitched. Naina picks a suit for Sameer that coordinates her outfit. However, Sameer’s mom needs him to wear a sherwani. The parody spins around how Sameer picks a fascinating way out between their significant other’s suit and mom’s sherwani.

  • “Cat battle.”
  • “2+2 = Zero”
  • “Best Price.”
  • “Car Bekaar!”
  • “Ring Ring Ringa.”
  • “Badhai Ho!”

The season included 15 scenes, so it’s probable fewer odds of having a Season 2 of Sandwiched Forever.

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Sandwiched forever Season 2 Release Date and trailer:

Sandwiched forever Season 1 released on 25th December 2020. This series was like a nostalgic remembrance of the lockdown and covid pandaemic. There is no official word from the makers about Season 2. Season 1 had given the viewers ample enough that they are not too excited for Season 2 as well. But the question remains the same.

 Will there be a Season 2 Sandwiched Forever or not?