WandaVision Ending Explained: How MCU opens gates for the Doctor Strange 2 and Captain Marvel 2 in the credits scene

WandaVision streamed its finale on Friday. In the same way as other last scenes of well-known TV shows, it has partitioned crowds. The finale settled the inward clash of Wanda against herself, mental injury, and distress.

However, obliterating Westview implied that she additionally needed to relinquish her children and Vision:

Before uncovered that Westview was made by Wanda herself as a way to adapt to Vision’s demise. She had known just misfortune for her entire life and had transformed into a harmed individual.

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Requiring the treatment, yet all things considered. Decided to make this dream sitcom world (except not at all like most dreams. This one was genuine) in which she was carrying on. With her life in conjugal joy in a rural setting dependent on exemplary sitcoms.

Wanda crushed Agatha Harkness, an incredible witch living in Westview. It made her entrance into the show as an intrusive neighbor. Wanda needed to annihilate Westview as she had held a great many individuals prisoner. They were going through mental torment due to being compelled to play sitcom characters and populate the town.

Agatha had called Wanda the Scarlet Witch in the penultimate scene. A being who is bound to annihilate the earth and who was viewed as a legend.

While Wanda at first denied this, she accepted the part before the end. Before Wanda transformed her into her meddling neighbor’s character.

Agatha cautioned that Wanda has done a hazardous thing and cautioned of disparate outcomes. She likewise said that Scarlet Witch was referenced in Darkhold, the Book of the Damned. The most difficult content identified with wizardry in Marvel Comics.

Wanda is presently Scarlet Witch, and she can transform into her actual structure at whatever point she wishes. This implies that she is likely the most remarkable individual on earth. Agatha guaranteed she was more grounded than even Doctor Strange. The Sorcerer Supreme, who is viewed as the best professional of sorcery on earth.

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Wanda’s new job may likewise make new issues:

One of these could be a crack in the real world’s texture. The kickoff of the multiverse all in all. To present X-Men and Fantastic Four to MCU, showing a multiverse presence would be a straightforward way.

Multiverse won’t heave just superheroes; it might likewise permit the presentation of terrible powers like Chthon. A satanic Elder God who is straight out of HP Lovecraft’s Cthulhu legend.

Thanos would likely fall at the feet of Chthon, who is the expert of Dark and Chaos Magic. In funnies, he had Scarlet Witch, prompting startling outcomes. Doctor Strange, in the end, liberated her. Is Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness going to investigate that?

That Wanda is as yet not totally a power for great is clear. She is a decent individual, yet she is as yet dealing with her distress. It is untimely to accept that she is currently a-alright since she let Vision and her children go.

We found in the end-credits that while Wanda is simply making tea. Scarlet Witch, which is presumably Wanda’s cosmic structure. It is scrutinizing the Book of the Damned.

Her motivation is to bring back her kids and Vision, and surely we hear the twins’ call. Showing that they are alive someplace, in some other universe or measurement.

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The mid-credit scene had Monica conversing with a Skrull, acting as an FBI specialist. He discloses that an “old companion” of Maria, Monica’s mom, needs to meet her. Skrull utilizes the male pronoun he, which can mean either Nick Fury or Talos. Our wagers are on Fury.