What Happened to Supernatural Season 15 Release Date?

The journey of the Winchester brothers is still continuing after such a long journey of 14 seasons. That is to say, season 15 is back on track and is just right around the corner. The cat is out of the box, and we will tell you all about it. Please stick with us till the end and read on to know more about; what happened to Supernatural season 15 and when it will start to resume airing its episodes again.! 

Introduction to the Supernatural:

Eric Kripke is the creator of this action-filled adventure-drama fantasy with adrenaline rushing horror and mystery. The concept of Supernatural shifted from being a movie and originally started as a horror show. The concept for the Supernatural series was more like the American Horror Story in the beginning. However, as the story goes, the show becomes more of a story of two brothers on the road slaying demons, monsters, and an enormous number of supernatural beings that haunt the world.

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What Happened to Supernatural Season 15?

The first episode of season 15 premiered on 10th October 2019, and the series finale was scheduled to air on 18th May 2020. However, in March 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Warner Bros. Television shut down its production. Later the showrunner Andrew Dabb revealed that the series would go on hiatus after the airing of episode 13 on 23rd March 2020. Moreover, there is good news. The season will resume airing from its 14th episode in the fall of 2020. Furthermore, Supernatural’s fifteenth season will have 20 episodes, and the episodes will air on Thursdays at 8:00 pm (ET).

Release Date for the Supernatural Season 15:

The original release of Supernatural was 13th September 2005. Meanwhile, the continuation date for season 15 of Supernatural is more close then you can think. Do I have your attention now? Well, we are quite excited about it, and to end your curiosity, 8th October 2020 is the day when the hell will return to earth once again. In contrast, the series finale is set to air on 19th November 2020. But worry not, we have Winchester Brothers and the gang of capable Hunters on our side to fight the evil this fall.

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Distribution Network and Fun Fact for Supernatural:

The show’s original network was The WB for 2005 to 2006 as the Distributor for the Supernatural series is Warner Bros. Television Distribution. However, In September 2006, WB partnered with CBS and formed The CW. Since then, the Supernatural series started airing on The CW from 2006 to the present day in 2020.

Moreover, the composers for Supernatural are Jay Gruska and Christopher Lennertz, and they bring to you the best Rock playlist there ever could. Furthermore, Dolby Digital 5.1 is the audio format for the Supernatural, so that we can enjoy the best surround sound for those heart filling songs, along with that rushing thrill of Supernatural as well.

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We are quite excited and amused by the continuation of the season 15th of the series. What about you? Do share your excitement with us through our comment section. We can’t wait for 8th October 2020, but we will surely love to hear your thoughts about the show from you. Stay safe and eat healthily.