Is Supernatural Season 15, The End of the Road?

The fifteenth season of Supernatural is being resumed, and everyone is more than excited for this God-killing series. Yes, this time, the Winchester brothers are there for the blood of God. I was hoping you wouldn’t believe me; you can go and check it out for yourself. The first part of the show aired from October 10, 2019, to March 23, 2020, and it has already made it pretty clear.

Furthermore, if you are interested in knowing the date of continuation of season 15 of Supernatural on The CW;

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However, here we will focus if the season 15 is the Finale of the show Supernatural. Is it the end of the road for the Winchester brothers, or will the journey continue? As when it comes to the Winchester brothers and their journey with the Supernatural, anything is possible. Please stick with us, and read on till the end to disclose the truth behind it all. 

The Truth of Supernatural Season 15:

It’s the end of The End. Is this the Finale of the show, or is it just another hiatus? The answer to all these queries is yes, the road has come to a dead end. This season 15 is the Finale of the show, as per the latest news. Supernatural will end in 2020, with its last episode airing on November 19, 2020, which will end the road.

However, Jared Padalecki, the younger Winchester brother, said, and I quote: “Think of this as a ‘see you later’ not as a goodbye.” 

As we said earlier, you just can’t know what will happen with Supernatural. Today it’s dead, and tomorrow it will be back from the grave, and that’s what we love about it. 

The Main Cast and Characters of Supernatural:

The Winchester brothers are the main stars of Supernatural. Jared Padalecki stars as tall, smart, and loving Sam Winchester. Whereas, Jensen Ackles stars as the more handsome and older brother Dean Winchester. The other members of the Winchester family are their parents, Mary Winchester and John WinchesterSamantha Smith and Jeffrey Dean Morgan play these roles, respectively. Moreover, the most trusted and so-called another family to these brothers is played by Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer.

Misha Collins plays the most obliviant character of all time in Supernatural, our beloved Castiel, the angel on the human’s side. The king of the hell is Crowley, and Mark A. Sheppard plays the character very well. Moreover, Mark Pellegrino stars as The Lucifer, and he does one hell of a job. But Lucifer isn’t alone, he finally had a baby, and Alexander Calvert is playing the role of Lucifer’s son Jack. Moreover, Crowley’s mother, Rowena MacLeod, is played by Ruth Connell, and she came on screen for 33 episodes. Rob Benedict stars as Chuck Shurley, The God himself appeared for 20 episodes of the show. Lisa Berry stars as Billie. Once she was a Reaper, now, she is The Death itself. Kim Rhodes stars as Sheriff Jody Mills is another hunter whom Winchester brothers feel more of a family than a friend. 

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The Recurring Cast and Characters of Supernatural:

Some other widespread and essential roles in the show are as follows:

  • Curtis Armstrong stars as Metatron
  • Osric Chau stars as Kevin Tran
  • David Haydn-Jones stars as Arthur Ketch
  • Genevieve Padalecki stars as Ruby
  • Richard Speight Jr. stars as Gabriel
  • Emily Swallow stars as Amara (Adult)
  • Cindy Sampson stars as Lisa Braeden
  • Ty Olsson stars as Benny Lafitte
  • Felicia Day stars as Charlie Bradbury
  • Amanda Tapping stars as Naomi
  • Samantha Ferris stars as Ellen Harvelle
  • Keith Szarabajka stars as Donatello Redfield
  • Erica Carroll star as Hannah

Production Team of the show Supernatural:

The list of executive producers of Supernatural is not short. The top of this list includes Eric Kripke, the show’s creator, and Andrew Dabb, the showrunner. Whereas the other executive producers are viz:

  • Robert Singer, Joseph McG Nichol,
  • David Nutter, Sera Gamble, Jim Michaels, Todd Aronauer,
  • Kim Manner, Phil Sgriccia, Adam Glass,
  • John Shiban, Ben Edlund, Jeremy Carver,
  • Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming.

So, to be clear, it all depends on these guys if we will get to see another season of the show Supernatural or will it be all. I guess they might come up with a movie, who can say anything for sure. Moreover, I would love to see a Supernatural version as a movie. What about you? Would you like to see a Supernatural Movie? Do share your thoughts with us through our comment section. Moreover, stay safe and eat healthily, take care of yourself, and maintain social distancing as much as you could.