Virgin River Season 3 Review: The series ends with a cliffhanger that gives a glimpse of season 4

If you have followed the Virgin River season 3, you already know that the Netflix drama stretches so many cliffhangers in the final episode. Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge), Jack (Martin Henderson), and the entire California crowd returned for more episodes – but spend your time with this new one because when you arrive in the end, you will be happy to know what happens next. Alert spoilers for those who have not seen all seasons 3 because we will break everything in the last episode.

Not only one but two storylines are rolling around a chaotic family tree. Someone has a secret grandson! And other people are pregnant – but don’t know the baby! Many are packed to the final episode that is certain, like the 2 cliffhanger seasons from Virgin River.

So, what happened at the end of the third season of the Virgin River? What does it mean, and can it imply that we get 4 seasons? Continue to read to find out the Virgin River season 3 ends, explained.

What happens at the end of the Virgin River season 3?

At the last moment from the last episode, Mel and Jack watched California Sunrise when Jack decided to bring up the question. He went down on his one knee, pulled a ring – until Mel stopped him in his footsteps. He told him that he was pregnant, who should have said, right?

“This is good,” Jack said, was stunned. “This is good. I told me all, I mean … we have a baby! This is an extraordinary news. Whatever it is, we will pass it.” But there was a catch. Mel did not know whether Jack was his father after he told him the Show Rolls Credits.

That’s the leading end, but some other loose ends that the 3-season final is open. Preachers are poisoned by “Friends,” Friends, “Paige.

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Because it made Christopher being a vulnerable target for Paige’s ex-husband, Wes. Brady was arrested for having a gun that shot Brie. ut he claimed he was being established. Hope in a critical condition after a carcass. On the way to Virgin River, and Doc has a secret grandson. So much happens!

What is the final meaning of the Virgin River season 3?

As for Mel and Jack, it seems that Mel used frozen embryos from his pregnancy effort with his late husband’s sign and did not tell Jack about this. He must have done this when both of them broke up for several episodes. This is a big problem! And it was made even more significant by the fact.

That Jack was horrified when Mel announced. That he wanted a child (because he already had twins on the way from Charmaine and was preparing for the battle of custody of them).

Mel assumed that Jack didn’t want to be involved. Only the speed trekking was full of IVF. So, let’s tally for Jack: twins on the way, the battle of massive prisoners on the wings, pregnant girlfriend (fiancee?) Who might not have her child?

As for the others, everything doesn’t look too hot for Christopher. With a strong protector, the preacher paralyzed, Vince (evil twins) might kidnap him. The same applies to expectations, which are now in critical condition – there is hope (no words of words). However, when the Creator of the Virgin River stated. That the actress was not in the season due to the restrictions of Covid-19. Showrunner Sue Tenney has said that viewers must plan to see the hope of holding fast.

Will there be a Virgin River season 4?

Until now, no. This series has not been officially updated, but that does not mean it is lost forever! What is on Netflix is ​​found that Virgin River is registered in production every week.

The websites that track and compile the latest data on projects in various stages of development. This event, which is registered as “Virgin River Season 4,” is scheduled to start filming the fourth season at the end of July.

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Plus, based on the 3 season finale event, there must be room for other Virgin river. Based on the release date of the past and the filming schedule, we can expect that if officially picked up, Virgin River Season 4 can debut at Netflix at the end of the spring or early summer of 2022.