Vakeel Saab Review: Venu Sriram manages to get the balance right for the most part

Three girls were charged with attempted murder after fleeing abuse. Your only hope is an alcoholic attorney who will agree to start the case.

Venu Sriram’s Vakeel Saab is the official remake of the Bollywood hit Pink. A film that breaks through barriers and sparks conversation, especially about approval. Although the film is framed with a massive masala dose that fits not only. Pavan Kalyan’s stellar image but also his burgeoning political career, Venu has largely struck a balance.

Review and critical analysis of Vakeel Saab:

Naughty (Niveta Thomas), Tsarina (Anjali), and Divia (Ananya Nagala). They are roommates who work hard to make a living for their middle-class family. Your happy, carefree and straightforward life will soon be turned upside down. Due to an unfortunate crash one night. Faced with accusations of treason and attempted murder. The girls are painted in the corner by an influential man and his friends.

Vakeel Saab, also known as Konidela Satyadev (Pawan Kalyan). He is an alcoholic lawyer who has not returned to court. He drank to hide the past pain that he could not fix and hide the guilt he could not leave. But when he seems to be the girls’ only hope of proving their innocence. He comes together and fights for them.

Towards the end of the film, Satyadev attacks some idiots and says, “Court lo vadinchadam perusu. Your kottada teesi coat stripped.” (I know how to fight both on and off the court.) This dialogue shows how different his character is from Deepak Sehgal, Amitabh Bachchan’s hero in the original. Deepak takes what is less spoken is better and smoother. Satyadev believes that everything will come out with a touch of sarcasm – either with sarcasm or with his fists. Venu Shriram does well with his character demeanor and while the story progresses in the first half. Shruti Haasan as his wife, may seem insignificant at first and is a test of patience. The film goes back to how Satyadev was unable to change who was in protest or court in the end. Pavan Kalyan also looks comfortable with his character.

Nivedita carries the film’s weight behind her and some of the scenes.

With her are heartbreaking and painful to watch. But here, too, the situation in which she found herself. It was a complex reality for many women in this country. Anjali is in second place with her character Zarin. Who always seems to have a calm appearance, but boils below the surface. Anania Divia’s character doesn’t have too many lines. Shruti Haasan did the same even though her character didn’t have enough time or space to sympathize with her. Prakash Raj plays Nanda Ji, whom Satyadev faces in court. He does it quickly.

Venu Sriram mostly sticks to the Pink plot but optimizes the script. The two battle scenes in particular, while stylized, appear to be going to Hell. And do not reflect the flow of the film very well. Park Songs manages to do the job too, but it’s at BGM that she shines and does her best. Now the question that remains is whether Vakeel Saab. It manages to make you uncomfortable like Pink because of the nature of his crimes, especially in court. This did not happen because, in these scenes, Satyadev’s dialogue provoked. The whistle while simultaneously clarifying the problem and diluting the problem in question. And for all those who rubbed his neck and overturned tables. Satyadev had the opportunity in the courtroom to explain that “doesn’t mean no.”

In the end, that’s all that matters.

Check out this for a show, especially if you’re a fan of Pawan Kalyan, Nivetha Thomas, and Anjali. Watch if you are a fan of mass boilers backed by a strong message. But if you are a fan of the color pink. Control your expectations by seeing that the film. It is not even named after women or the reason for fighting.