Nizhal Movie Review: Investigative thriller, whose storyline touches upon complexities

Judge Judicial First Class John Baby suffered from post-traumatic stress. One day, a friend told him about a boy who told the story of the murder that brought essential life elements. Curious, John decided to meet with the boy.

The editor of the Award-winning film Appu N Bhattathiri debuted Nizhal, starring in Kunchacko Boban and Nayanthara, began with an accident involving John Baby, first-class justice judge. The incident instilled post-traumatic pressure in him, which followed him like a shadow. Then, during a conversation with his clinical psychologist friend Shalini (Divya Prabha), he learned about a child named Nitin (permission) who told strange murder stories. When John met Nidhin, he realized that his stories were not a figment, and their struggle was connected in a certain way. Inspired, John left after his story.

Manage to build anticipation and keep the redemption guess until the script’s selection means half the work done in building a compelling thriller. But most of the others rested on how strong it was revealed by the end was. Imagine feelings when you expect the lion to walk out of my cave after listening to the magnificent roar for some time. And you see the mouse crawling out! In ‘Nizhal,’ in the end, after a lot of anticipation, we can see something much better than the mouse, but something is less than a lion too.

Judge Judicial John Baby (Kunchako Boban) recovered from an accident:

Left with post-traumatic stress disorders. During the consultation with his clinical psychologist friend Shalini (Divya Prabha), he told him about Nithin school students’ case (hash permission), who had told a disturbing story in the class, which looked too real, but the source remained magical. The protective mother of Sharmila’s son (Nayanthara) was initially reluctant to dig deeper into this, but soon he joined John in trying to uncover the mystery.

N. Bhathatthiri, who has made a name as a film editor:Who really celebrates the director’s hat for the first time in the Moody Thriller film, this atmosphere. Which is very alarming about the Mindscape of its character. Piknik, with an interesting story narrated by the young man, the judge. Who turned into a part-time investigator, exploring events from the past which complicated situations.

SCRIPT S.SANV gets these parts correctly, with the audience still wondering. Where the next lead will lead, with every possible lead remains cold. In connection with his mental condition, the judge’s struggle and the possibility of connecting. The process of thinking of the boy also intrigues. Viewers at this point have a lot to chew and play guessing games. The script also throws many possibilities. But the final disclosure appeared as a whining after all slow. Patients to build in the first round towards something more significant.

The desire on the screenwriter part of the scenario to have something. More than one thriller story and leave an audience with a message seems that it has caused a relatively benign end. Which is somewhat disappointing – given the sincere effort in maintaining mysteries almost throughout. The ending has never been able to guess. It doesn’t always mean a satisfying end. ‘Nizhal’ is worth watching if you are from the type that enjoys the trip rather than the goal.

APPU has done a good director of debut through Thriller Investigation.

The storyline of the story touches the complexity of the conscious and subconscious mind. They were told subtly, making one curious, at the same time, a little scared. Script S. Sanjeev is less dramatic, trying to be innovative. The way he uses natural force as a metaphor to explain the tin character’s mental state is an example. It managed to keep the audience stay connected until the middle of the second half. And, comedy work occasionally. However, the way the script tries to connect the points looks a little peripheral.

Kunchako Boban provides an easy performance like John Baby, a judge who struggles with his traumatic phase. The mask get-up in the first half aroused a scary feeling and very suitable with the dilemma of his character. Nayanathara, who appeared as Sharmila, an IT professional, is the right choice for his role. He provides stylish and impressive performance. The person who stole his show was a little permission that played Nitin’s role, a mature agile boy for his age. The combination of John and Nitin scenes is quite charming. Divya Prabha, Rony David, and Saiju Kurup also appeared in an important role.

The background score by Sooraj S Kurup is an exciting aspect of this film. It’s fresh and innovative and blends with the core of the film. One example where he used the boy’s words because the background score lifted the entire atmosphere. The edited film has a few fun shots by Cinematographer Deepak D Menon.