‘Tove’ Film Review: Biopic Star Finland ‘Tove’, Alma Poysti as Jansson, a complicated woman who created Moomin

For non-Nordic viewers only know Tove Jansson as a name attached to hugging and dumpled beings called Moomins. The 20th-century comic trolls are resembling hippopotami. Consisting of negative space and living in several types of adjacent landscaping.

Biopic a fascinating tome will offer some exciting surprises. Moomins Creator Jansson plays with Moxie by Theater Actor Alma Poysti.

A black Libidinous and unconventional lamb from Bohemian’s artistic family, but he is also bis*xual. Covering Jansson’s formative adult years, from shortly before the end of World War II to the 1950s. Tove tracks his romantic attachment with men and women.

Along the way, parallel with the main characters of the stories of children and their adventure published vaguely.

But this film does not require in-depth knowledge of moominism. And can be enjoyed for bright shows, costumes and sets at the point, and empathic portraits of young love.

Even though Tome is mainly in Swedish, Nordic Co-Production is Finnish official submission. To the Academy award in the best international features category.

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This drama was written by Eeva Putro (who also appeared on the screen as a Maya Tove friend). But anyone who caught Zaida Director Girrothed before Paradise Maria would see the family’s resemblance between the film and new.

Paradise riffed in the story of the 1920s inspired by the true cult of Finnish. It notified through the eyes of the emotional triangle but physically holy among the three women.

Likewise, Have, although more firmly worldly, find a contemporary echo in a historical environment. Once again dig into a subculture only on the edge of the bourgeoisie.

Politics is more advanced in the mixture, with the talk of socialist principles managed. Character sneering in Vivica Bandler (Krista Kusonen), a woman who will be a great love. Because she is a rich girl, the mayor’s daughter is no less. Who plays as an artist by directing the theater.

On the one hand, Tove is the opposite, born in a family of high slave producers:

It is led by Patriarch Viktor (Robert Enckell), a severe sculptor who constantly grumbles to work on his oil painting. But intentional young women cannot stop scribbling small creatures that will eventually fill in the comic books, only “illustrations” the work spilled by the father.

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Likewise, a crush, unconditionally unfortunate, took him to seduce the upcoming left-wing politician Atos Wirtanen (Shanti Roney, charming tangle), who was married. Both were very brave that his wife called Tove’s apartment when he was in danger of losing a family appointment.

But sweet though atos, and it was also helpful when he offered a weekly slot in the socialist newspaper published, couldn’t compare his love to the intense passion he felt in bed with Vivica. The dragon just swept it. He claimed to be at one point, which excites he can’t refuse.

That said, apart from a strange shot of nipples and unpleasant pubic zones, shot the love scene between the two women with relatively economical, and Poysti and thoroughly submitting ecstasy frequently through love.

Dancing plays a vital role throughout, with many scenes unfurling a 16mm camera.

DP Linda Wassberg entered and out of action and Cast Cavort, hugging and generally cut carpets in various party scenes.

Everything makes sense when an epilogue, shoot 8mm by Jansson’s life partner finally, Tuulikki Pietila (playing here quickly by Joanna Huaarti), shows the actual crap about on the island where she spent the summer a few years later.

Records underlined how well Poysti had captured energy like Jansson, his pleasure in movement, and a kind of funny exhibitionist streak.

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The soundtrack of the old Jazz standard, including the classic by Benny Goodman and Tango Tunes Finns so love, injects Bonny to get into what is sometimes at risk of being a sad story about unrequited passion and unhappy lovers.