At Night Comes Wolves Review: An independent storyline and production

Emotional abuse, when not physically accompanied, often ignored and forgotten in discussions around the subject. But someone can be dismissed by a constant killer and belters, even if their perpetrators, sometimes, give a little suction of praise or love. And often, digging more profound in the past the perpetrators, find that they are always like this, always find several ways to manipulate the people around them.

The debut of the TJ Marine feature at night came:

The wolf began as the story of a harassed woman on a flight from danger and met. With two former cult members with a strange connection to him in a strange but convincing tone. But the film sadly lost its way, failed to take advantage of several themes. And rushed to the strange end to the provoking.

We found Leah (Gabi Alves) at a breakthrough point in his life. His marriage to Daniel (Jacob Allen Weldy) is where the manipulation is smooth and not too smooth. Enforcement of ‘rules’ is strange and forces him to do the things he doesn’t want, making him destroyed. He finally left but ended up in the middle of nowhere, without direction or money. Enter Mary May (Sarah Serio). A strange woman recognizes Leah’s situation and takes her to Davey. Vladimir Noel, a strange chemist with knowledge of ancient plants. It can interfere with psychological effects. As it turns out, Davey and Mary may have a disturbing connection to Daniel.

There are minimalist and creepy down currents that, at least at first, presents stories well. It didn’t take long to see how he had beaten Leah and how the loss he felt when he could not move forward with his own life or return to the place where he was just an object for Daniel. It is a vulnerable place that makes it mature for pickers for people like Mary May and Davey. And strange, or more accurate, or more accurate procurement. The procurement of their materials and creation, talking to the allegations of teacher / spiritual leaders whose real purpose is usually much more selfish and frightening than just the abuse someone like Leah has just escaped.

But then what should there be a story about Leah, or at least Leah, Mary Mei, and Davey, it turns out:

Well, it was never quite clear, because the film turned strange, that it was never enough to recover. A one or two incidentally acceptable, but some too much mean too many shortcuts. Not enough thought and depth of narration. The Marine seems unable to decide. Whether he wants a film about escaping from harassment, about the cult, or about something else entirely. Who took a movie from the rail at the last minute to the film. Now, you can explore more than one idea/theme in the film. Of course, but with a running time of 75 minutes. There is no time given for each, or together, to reach the heart of anything Being tried to film. to say.

And this subplot, where a man and woman, one with a bad injury. It seems to be looking for missing people (which there are dozens of). Only for the disclosure at the end of the two-story connection. One provokes to shrug the same shoulder against being a moment of surprise. The actors all worked very hard in the film and gave a decent show. Noel mainly collapsed well between good men. They might soon become an evil cult leader, but the substances promised through the film had never materialized.

There are some good ideas at night coming wolves, and trippy-Eerie vibrations, at least in the first round. Which attracts the viewer in; But it never surpassed it at all. Instead of switching ideas and directions in the short term which made too many interesting roads that had not explored.