Titans Season 3 : Release date, Cast details & Expected storyline

Titans –

Remember, when we’re addicted to watching the Teen Titans on cartoon network or reading the DC titans comic book in the middle of the school period or in the recess. DC is here to give you the nostalgia and make you remember those memories.

DC sequence Titans is a modification of DC Comics Teen Titans. Titans is the Net television series by Greg Berlanti, Geoff Johns & Akiva Goldman. Their series started in 2018 on Netflix, and Viewers appreciate previously released 13 episode season.

At DC Fan dome, we have already got two successful seasons of Titans, giving you amazing performances and nostalgia. It doesn’t matter whether you are a 90’s kid or 2000’s kid; you all going to enjoy the story and characters.

Expected Release date :

Due to the running global pandemic, most of our favorite movies and series are getting delayed, to make sure everyone working in the movies & series are safe and sound, and follow the rules and regulation delegated by running government.

 As in the official announcement from DC Universe and Warner Bros, teen Titans season 3 is definitely going to happen soon. Officially it’s not yet released but, Report says fans may get to enjoy the new season at the end of 2020.

Expected Storyline – 

As per DC & Warner Bros announcement on Fan Dome event, three beloved characters will be joining our beloved Titan Series –

Dr. Jonathan Crane, Barbara Gordon & Red Hood.

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Producers and directors are quite personal about the storyline of Titans, The season with beating death-stroke end. Previous season managed to close all the plots. Death strokes were totally defeated.

Cadmus labs stopped it’s production, and his two allies were granted back control, eventually Titans officially awakened as a team.

Cast Details, we know so far .

Brenton Thwaites will play Robin/Dick Grayson

Bruno Bichir will play the role of Niles “The Chief” Caulder

Alan Ritchson as Hawk/Hank Hall

Anna Diop will play the role of Starfire/Coriander

Ryan Potter portray Garfield “Gar” Logan

April Bowlby as Rita Farr/Elasti-Girl

Lindsey Gort will play Amy Rohrbach

and last but not the least Minka Kelly as Dove/Dawn Granger