Netflix Original Million Dollar Beach House : Release Date, Plot & Cast Details

Are you Broker, House broker, into Real Estate or interested in Luxury houses worth millions,

so, guys, Netflix is here for you, presenting all-new Million Dollar Beach House.

All these people connected with broking business or real realtors can relate themselves to this series very well. Netflix will launch the All-new series in the Last week of August 2020.

Others who are not aware of the world of brokers & familiar with their business, will get a chance to have a bird eye view on their world and what realtors are and their struggles that we have never seen.

Netflix’s ‘Million Dollar Beach House’- All new Real Estate shows only on Netflix produced by Jeff Porter. It will show you New York’s Hampton city and multi-million dollar deals over there.

Release date:

Netflix is all set to air; it is a new show Million Dollar Beach House on the 26th of August 2020. Viewers can watch the show from on 26th and get to know them the entirely different world of Luxury House brokers their life & struggles.


Million Dollar beach house, this show will give you an overview into the day to day life of exclusive & youngest group of real estate agents. Their lavish private life, struggles & posh coastline listings. You will get to see the Hampton market with 2500 realtors working there, and earning a list in fierce competition.

Throughout the show, the story revolves around the five young brokers hustling from Memorial Day to Labor day to buy and sell exclusive properties, Grabbing each other’s clients during this cutthroat competition. Million-dollar house has all the views, all the schmooze, and brokers with a lot to lose.

Somewhat, It will give you a selling sunset vibes.

A different view

Usually, this kind of show shows us the buyers perspective. With this show, we will get to know the other side of the coin behind the scene to look at what happens in the buying process.

How Brokers tend to make money, Is it a easy money? Do they do anything? How much effort they put into making it worthwhile.

While running through the comments section of the trailer, we found a few comments talking about why we need these types of shows and why they should watch this show, Well I don’t know the answers.

But if you think it is enjoyable, even a single percent, then you should give it a shot and let us know how you feel about it. Do share your views with us.

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Cast details :

Nothing is official yet, but Thanks to social media. Probably we will get to see the faces like Chloe Pollak – Robbins, Anna Cappelen, Michael full free. We are waiting to know the other names of the cast as soon as we will know, we will share with you.

There will be five main character whom the whole story is going to revolve around.

We will update you as we will get to know the other faces, so stay connected with bullet news.