‘Titane’ Review: Hot Off Extreme-Horror Cult Hit ‘Raw,’ Julia Ducourau Dares to challenge the boundaries

In the sensation of the Cannes Kinky film festival “Titane,” the accident survivor ended with a metal plate on his head, wounded blood as blacks like a motorbike oil and the car-show model dramatically expanded the autoerotic climax definition, pregnant after making it in the back seat of the caddy-out caddy-out caddy alone.

Prove that his debut with cannibalism, “Raw,” is not just an exciting action.

France Director Julia Ducournau returned to a place that has not been named where appetite becomes dark. Using the human body as a vehicle to deconstruct gender ideas, desires and Very dysfunctional family dynamics.

This is a brave and undoubted audience driving, producing the most unusual monsters. A cross between “accidents” David Cronenberg and the horror of the Takashi Miike’s “Gozu”. Maybe – where the main character rarely talked and what was tried To say. It is very open to interpretation.

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From the beginning, it was challenging to identify the type of Antihero that we were facing – or even gender should be gender.

Bored behind a family car, Short-haired Alexia kicked the driver’s chair while making a low vroom-vroom sound, pushing my father (cameo from Director of Bertrand Bonello) to lose control.

The car spinning and crashed into the cement guard rail, knocked the child hard to the window. And needed a saved titanium plate. To be installed right above the right ear.

Revealed to become a girl, Alexia is a type of human transformer, and this implant will also be her first upgrade. “Titane” never explained the impact of the operation on Alexia. But it seemed to have fun in the idea. That he is simultaneously damaged and made stronger because of it.

The first thing he did after leaving the hospital finished to the parking lot and kissed the car that almost killed him – and then the film flashed a few decades to observe him more familiar with the car.

From now on, Alexia will play by Height, Angular Agathe Rousselle.

An actor who works before (especially the subongting gender short film “looking for self”) toys with androgyny and seduction ideas.

Ducournau introduced this newcomer in a complicated order of plans, such as something from the classic De Palma film, opening with a close-up of lacerated scalp now adults – a scar Frankenstein. He gave him a hard and punk credo when he stepped through many people.

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Alexia worked as a dancer to be rented, and long time took it. With a twerking on the hood of a burning muscle. A show that was also impressive and a big red herring. He is almost not a sex object as it was introduced. Even though Ducournau continued playing the trick with the persona for most of the first action.

Such as in the post-show group shower, Alexia dropped the soap and wrinkled, long hair in another dancer piercing nipples.

In more traditional horror films, characters like this, leaving the venue after everyone, might end up the victim – raped or stabbed by a lusty serial killer. But it was not at all how night it was playing around, and soon. Alexia had shown that he could defend himself well.

He might become a healthy chain killer himself:

Even though it was good to show that he was much cheaper than metal. Maybe it’s a titanium plate on his head. Who knows?

There are not many cinematic precedents for this story, making the film logic challenging to follow. His attractions, when they attacked, were almost magnetic properties.

Although not intuitively why this young pyro burned his house. With his parents locked inside and then claims to be the old son of a lonely fire. Head (Vincent Lindon).

With “Titane,” the audience occasionally only has to give them to the momentum of crazy films, take any sinful pleasure that they can from the willingness of Ducourau to push the boundaries: Alexia does not stop cutting her hair and tie her br*asts, but decides to tie it, but Decided to crush his face too, destroying it to the sink at one of the Wince-worthy moments.

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As if the DP Ruben threw out ‘velvet, high contrast biostratigraphy was not dark enough. There was a low song from Jim Williams’s score to make everything sound like a black mass.